Coorg, Scotland of India

Also called Kodagu, Coorg is a beautiful hill station in South India. Coorg is famous for its coffee and coffee plantations. The coffee grown here is exported all over the world for its taste and quality.Apart from the coffee the place is known for greenery, beautiful hills, stunning waterfalls, wildlife, variety of activities and above all the weather which attracts thousands of visitors from all over India and World. Year around mild weather is just perfect for visitors to come here for weekend breaks and camping. Attactions with some popular religious sites are the main reason visitors coming to Coorg.


Because of huge crowd coming in every year; there are plenty of holiday rentals including homestays and resorts are found to cater the needs of the visitors. Homestays and guest houses are the budget accommodation options available in the town.Resorts and luxury hotels which includes well known brands in hospitality industry are just the perfect abode for luxury visitors.Dormitory accommodations and cottages are offered for group stay visitors. Coorg is best visited during the monsoon season with slight drizzling everywhere and that the reason for the name “Scotland of India”

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