What makes Salou this much special to tourists?

Salou, the land of interesting day-out spots to be visited and enjoyed thus it becomes very special to tourists. Families prefer going to PortAventura Park where tourists find timeless to take part in all of the rides. Hurakan Condor is a ‘Giant drop’ ride that makes people reaches the height of 330 feet by a coupler. Every minute is precious in PortAventura Park, plan to play and eat whatever you like inside it. Luxurious and budgeted villas are located closer to this tourist spot and tourists can wisely select the best that suits them.

Would you scream if the roller coaster ride is faster but safe?


The PortAventura World resort interests tourists for various aspects and its roller coaster ride grabs more people in numbers. None of the other rides in Europe would impress you once if you have experienced the fun at riding the roller-coaster belongs to FuriusBaco, the PortAventura World resort, Salou. This rough ride helps in gushing up the adrenaline inside but joyful scream outside. If anyone seeks for shopping and accommodation nearby the spot, there are many roofs awaiting your footsteps.

The tourists feel graceful in PortAventura, Salou- A short glimpse!

PortAventura Salou

The pandemic lockdown is temporary but our interest in seeking fun never fades. The most interesting and attention bolting aspect of Salou among the tourists of all ages is the fun making options of PortAventura. The place holds high recurrent tourist population to get continuously engaged in the fun rides, thriller games and relaxing hotels. The cheap affordable rentals chill your trip on one side while the deep roller-coater gush your adrenaline on the other side in PortAventura.

Nothing is equivalent to getting climbing experience in Salou for a tourist

Tourists must not only compress their moods for fun and joy during their trip to Salou. If someone tends to extend to peep into adventure making, Salou Mountains are the best. The depth of the mountains intensifies thrill in your climbing, just think its another form of joy, very simple. Novice can make memories here with guided support and make the trip getting an adventurous dimension. Foodies can find cheap restaurants to get filled on time around the spot, so no worries. 

Illuminated Fountains of Salou, the best late evening day-out spot, the one must not miss it out


Nocturnal outings become passion nowadays and people dig out something special other than regular nightlife bars. Though there are many recommended experiences in and around Salou, the ‘Illuminated Fountains’ is something where you can feel the flare of lights on your face. Rhythmic water gushing outs from the small holes along with the lighting effects make people feel more relaxed and chill. Spanish’s traditional recipes strongly bomb the exquisite native flavour of the dishes that one can enjoy in the nearby restaurants.

The steep hyper roller coaster of Shambhala at PortAventura theme park makes adrenaline gush!

Salou PortAventura

Though you are settled with your choice of day-out activities in Salou, think how you are going to convince your kid. Shambhala hyper roller coaster is themed with water fun games and its steep coaster thrills your brain. Get chances to peek out while doing the thriller ride, just feel the wonder when the ship touches heights. The one spot that extends your day activities in Salou is PortAventura where you can get rentals around at your favorite rates. Visit the place which is must when you are going to poke something in Salou.

The ‘Hard Rock Entertainment World complex’ – A fascinating casino Guitar building construction begins from now!

La caixa, Spain’s third largest financial institution proudly announces that the construction of Hard Rock begins from May 2020. This recreation complex is going to be consisting of a modern hotel, royal casino, shopping mall, and leisure & entertainment options. Nowhere, you would have seen a casino complex comprising 1200 slots and 100 gaming tables like this in Europe till now. The project is developed in partnership with Port Aventura and its hard work would make this project move forward, said by Octavi Bono, the Generalitat’s Director General of Tourism. Tourists coming to Salou must not miss this guitar building.

Llevant Beach, Salou

Salou beach

One of the main beaches in Salou.This sandy beach is nice and clean. It is nice to walk along its shores during sun shine. The beach is best for relaxing and sun bathing. Some cool bars, restaurants and cafes are nearby. Apart from that there are plenty of fun filled activities you can do near the beach which includes kids games, boating, jetski and more.Not to forget the clean toilets and showers available near the beach.The beach is perfect for families as well.

Cycling Tours Salou

Salou is one of the best places for outdoor activities. Its beautiful landscape along with its perfect weather conditions makes Salou as one of the sports tourism destinations in Spain. Cycling is one of the very popular activity in Salou. Salou provides fantastic routes, certified hotels and custom parking areas to encourage cycling. Salou also won seal for certification of Cycle Tourism from Catalan Tourism Agency for its superb routes along the coast.So when you visit Salou don’t forget to go for cycling.Some of the best cycling routes in Salou are Salou – Ebro Delt, Salou – Prades – Salou, Salou – Escaladei – Salou, Salou – Duesaigües – Salou and Salou – Priorat.

Ferrari Land PortAventura


An amusement park area in PortAventura, Salou with rollercoasters, informative gallery about the brand Ferrari & restaurants.This is a special theme park in Spain where everyone can truly enjoy a fantastic experience with kids and learn all the details behind the popular Italian brand Ferrari and its founder, Enzo Ferrari. Ferrari Land has unbelievable rides, including a roller-coaster which is 112 meters high that speeds up from 0-112mph in just five seconds.A must visit for people coming to Salou for Holiday.