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Phuket, being the largest island among the beautiful islands of Thailand is one of the best holiday destinations loved across the globe. Phuket have beautiful attractions with sandy beaches, delicious cuisines, comfortable and luxurious villas, resorts accompanied by fanastic proportion of climate throughout the year. There are few top destinations that you shouldn’t miss at any cost when you’re in Phuket; they are Thalang National Museum, Hat Patong, Khao Phra Thaeo wildlife park, Two Heroine monument and the Big Buddha. The Thalang National Museum was opened as an tribute to 200th anniversary of Thalang war which depicts the ancient war history and victory of Phuket. The museum also contains the coastal remains and weapons used during the wars. As an island destination, Phuket have natural beaches with beautiful dramatic views and Hat Patong is the best among them. Hat Patong beach is a complete package with amazing hotels, multi-cuisine restaurants, beach resorts and villas at affordable prices. Hat Patong have divergent chain of small stores that have handicrafts, clothing, etc that offers you a great shopping in your vacation. Khao Phra Thaeo wildlife centre is an exquisite display of Phuket’s flora and fauna that gives pleasure on your visit. The Two Heroine Monument is one of the best site which is dedicated to two local war heroines Thao Sri Sunthon and Thao Thep Kasattri who saved the province by their brilliance back in 1785. Another main attraction of Phuket is the statue of Buddha located on the mountain peak. The panorama view of Phuket island from 45 metres Buddha statue is one breathtaking moment that you shouldn’t miss.

Beautiful Phuket!


Phuket province is one of the famous tourist destinations in Thailand, which is affordable for all class. The budget for Phuket vacation is so flexible that you can either have a luxurious beach vacation or a economically fitting one, but you can enjoy the trip to your fullest. The sparkling white sand beaches touched by the tides gives an dramatic view to the Phuket beaches which enjoys a pleasant climate throughout the year. Phuket doesn’t have only beaches but a rich fauna that you can explore by yourself via Surin’s Safari tour and Phuket zoo which would definitely give kids an unforgettable experience. Another main attraction in Phuket is the Elephant trekking that belongs to the cultural roots of the province. This destination is also famous for the busy functioning food streets that serves you the best dishes of Phuket cooked.

Beautiful Beach and Buddha

Phuket Island

Phuket city in Thailand’s Phuket province is one of the most visited and enjoyed holiday destinations around the ‘Tourism’ world. Thailand have several islands included with their province hence Phuket is the largest among them. Since, Phuket is the major trading routes between India and China, you can find a pinch of Indian, Chinese food at the Phuket’s cricle. Phuket is highly rich in flora contributing for the best climate to enjoy during your trip. The mountains surrounding the landscape is an additional beauty that makes you to get along with nature escaping from the busy daily lives. The first thing to do after landing in Phuket province is to visit Kata Noi beach, a beautiful bay which comes after a drive through Kata beach. The scenery of Kata Noi will last forever in your minds and will rejoice once after you visit them. The next stop in Phuket will be the largest Buddha statue located at the top of Nakkerd hills. The panoramic view you get after reaching the Buddha statue will be one of the mesmerizing moments in your life that you’ll be always thankful. No matter you believe in God or not, the sitting Budhha made from white Burmese marble will definitely spread peace into you.

Holiday Villas Near Patong Beach, Phuket

Patong Beach is definitely among the most sought after tourist beaches on this planet. There are several aspects, which increase the attractiveness of Patong Beach like the natural splendor of the entire area, and the plentiful pursuits and interesting attractions of Phuket island. Water sports, swimming, renowned nightlife as well as other kinds of pursuits make Patong Beach the perfect spots to enjoy and party throughout the day and at night as well. The Patong Beach in Phuket is the primary center for visitor interest and therefore has a lot of restaurants and cafes. Being a cosmopolitan location, it draws tourists from around the world all through the year and the food you discover here mirrors this in its diverseness. There is absolutely no lack of eating choices along the beach.

Patong beach
Patong beach

The factors that cause Patong staying well-liked are numerous. Many people are interested in the beach whilst others head for the nightlife, which is the single most fascinating aspects of the place. Patong has dancing clubs, jazz clubs and salsa bars along with several other funky hang-outs. Still, the quantity of bars in Patong remains quite high.As the sun comes down, Patong comes to life and the bars and discos step up the tunes and begin pour out drinks to revelers. The city is best appreciated after dark and you will find night clubs and pubs that serve all preferences. It also has a lot to provide for foodies. With its massive variety of gastronomical treats, it can amaze you. A lot of dining places is available down the streets of Patong.

Holiday accommodation at Patong Beach can be availed in many different choices. One can prefer to stay in a 5 star hotel or relax in a luxury villa or delight in at a massage resort or just feel at home at an holiday apartment. Irrespective of where you lodge, your rooms will be thoroughly clean, comfortable and lovely. Most villas also provide leisure conveniences like fitness center, swimming pool, pool table and etc. The magnificence of the holiday villas in Patong is unmatched. The fascinating views provided by the sea and the pool in the daytime are just as radiant to watch at nighttime. Patong is well known for its nightlife and just about any villa in Patong will likely be close to the seashore and from the shopping and eating.