Delicious London cuisine

London Food

Capital of United Kingdom-London: the most famous city across the globe addressed as luxurious and lovable destination by many. Every destination have their own features and food styles; Best touring of a destination is not only sight-seeing, taking pictures but experiencing the food made in their style every bit of the destination. When you’re in London, you must taste the famous foods of London that will last for a long and pop up whenever you think of the trip. Some of the delicious foods of London that you shouldn’t miss tasting are Full English Breakfast, Eton Mess, Pie and the Mash at Windmill Mayfair, Cockles, Sticky Toffee Pudding, Bangers and Mash, Beef Wellington, and Sunday Roast with Yorkshire Pudding. The Full English Breakfast is the traditional meal of English folks that have tomatoes, eggs, sausages, mushrooms, toast, potatoes and blood pudding. Sunday Roast is another classic English food which makes your lunch delightful with meat, gravy, vegetables and potatoes. When you have an Sunday roast with yorkshire pudding, then you’re tasting one of the most loved combo of English cuisines. To get the best of London, you must definitely try these delicious foods of London!

London, the number 1 travel destination in the World.


Another year and another top destination recognition for London.Yes the recently concluded survey by Tripadvisor Travellers’ Choice revealed that London is the most liked destination in the World. The superb facilities, infrastructure, range of attractions and London’s capability of reinventing itself are the key for London’s growth as a tourist destination. Millions visit the capital city without hassle and traveller friendly travel facilities makes London even more attractive.Above all historical appeal along with the royals are another biggest attraction to London.

Ancient Tower of London


Being the capital of United Kingdom: London is so enriched in culture, architecture, arts, sports, fashion and also one of the most visited and loved holidaying destination in Europe. London have so many attractions that you shall not miss during your visit and they’re preserved from the olden times. Seeing sun in London’s sky is so rare, which makes London to enjoy a moderate and cold climate throughout the year. One of the beautiful destination you must not miss about London is ‘The Tower of London’. Located on the banks of Thames river this magnificent building stands strong and makes the spot dramatic since 1097. During these past 900 years, the Tower of London have served as armory, prison, royal palace and even as zoo, The Tower of London have added attraction within, such as: the large and lavishing stone building called ‘The White Tower’, that serves as a place of exhibiting the Tudor, Stuart, Windsor, and Hanoverian armour.

The heritage of London is explained well in the street carnivals!


Annual street festivals gather massive responses from natives as well as tourists. The streets along the Notting hill area Kensington happens the most interesting ‘Notting hill Carnival’ every year by the month of August for two days. People can meet thousands of volunteers well-dressed roaming on the streets. The visitors can enjoy tasting London’s favourite street foods by the time and there are ways to grab a cup of coffee.

House of Queen: Buckingham Palace


Tour to London will not get completed without visiting ‘Home of Queen’, the Buckingham Palace located at Westminster.

British Monarchy is conisdered one of the biggest and oldest monarch in the world and it’s still existing.

Known as ‘Buckingham House’ before centuries, the building of Buckingham palace we see today was remodelled few times from a large townhouse which was built for Duke of Buckingham

Buckingham palace became the London residence for the British royal families since the succession of Queen Victoria in the year 1837 and remains to be the same till now.

Buckingham palace is the iconic representation of cultural heritage and history of the British monarchy to the present times.

Until the year 1993, Buckingham palace served as both the London residence and Office to the Queen which opens to public rarely.

Later, Buckingham opened their gates for the tourists and visitors in summer months to look around 19 spectacular State Rooms in which the official entertaining and ceremonial functions takes place.

Buckingham Palace will serve as an extravagant feast to eyes with it’s majestic 775 rooms, including 92 offices, 52 royal, and guest bedrooms, 188 staff rooms, 19, and 78 bathrooms.

Buckingham Palace authorities have classified the mode of the tour to enhance the excitement of your visit to palace.

The Royal Mews tour, the Queen’s gallery, and Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace Tour will give you the best experience to explore the elegance of the palace.

What can you adore while travelling from Belgium to London by car?

London and Belgium are situated in a favourable distance of 197 Km by car with many interesting options to do in between the travel. Tourists can make visit the ‘Grand Place’ plaza situated in the Old town of Brussels, Belgium. They can also visit ‘the MannekenPis’, ‘the Atomium’ located nearby London and attractions like ‘the Buckingham Palace’, ‘the Big Ben’, ‘the Piccadilly Circus’ in London in the road trip enjoying their favourite drinks and eateries in the middle restaurants. 

An Olympic model has become an attraction in London!

The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park is recognized for its attractive Olympic models. The ‘ArcelorMittal Orbit’ is a sculpture of about 114.5 metre high exists in the Olympic Park along with an observation tower. It is an excellent option to adore the panoramic views of the location and is good to be visited on light summer. Famous restaurants and wineries are available to enjoy the gastronomy in Thornton Street, where the attraction lies exactly.

Travellers must witness this frolic festival in London!

Witnessing London festivals gives you more fun than sightseeing. ‘The Citadel Festival’ is London’s most popular music festival that gathers a massive crowd to cheer up the event. Artists speak out their sense of music and the festival invites music lovers to the spot spontaneously. Tourists get a chance to join hands and dance for the live music with some new mates gathered for the festival. Addicting music played here impresses the visitors giving a splash of joy inside their minds. 

Travellers say it’s the best for nightlife partying in London!

Camden London

The spot has a unique advantage that it is going to attract people of different hues. The plus point of enjoying the nightlife in ‘Camden Town’ is the guests can enjoy the jazzy and rocky atmosphere under many roofs during nights here. Natives recommend the travellers not to miss out the funk and hip-hop clubs that brightens the nightlife in London. Nights in this area would fetch you some secret ways to reach the joyful bars for glass and dance.

Glorifying London’s fashion week impresses global audience!

One of the great ‘Big Four’ fashion weeks happens along with New York, Milan and Paris is the Fashion week of London that happens twice in a year. The achievement of the event is showcasing 250 designers to the global crowd of clothing retailers and media. Travellers get amused at exploring the creative clothing culture of London and its richness through this event that occurs during February and September months in a year.