Glasgow – Glasgow Science Centre

Glasgow Science Centre is an immersive building rising from the ground like a shimmering silver hermit crab, it is wonderful inside and out. The giant structure is holding a cinema with a giant IMAX screen, planetarium, galleries, and gift shops. If you haven’t explored the Science Center in Glasgow you are missing out!

Glasgow – Tigers Speedway

If you are in Glasgow or you are planning to travel there, you can’t miss the spectacle of Tigers Speedway. The season runs from the end of March through to the end of August but the recommendation here is to check the schedule before booking your trip. You will watch the only professional speedway team in the west of Scotland and what these men have to offer you is fantastic.

Glasgow – Buchanan Street

If you’re looking for a little shop tour during your visitation to Glasgow you should definitely take a walk at Buchanan Street. Filled with an array of shops and markets, containing different souvenirs and Glasgow culture-specific objects to fancy restaurants and coffee shops. Enjoy a walk on this entertaining street as you will definitely find something for yourself.

Glasgow – See the City Chambers

Since the late 1800s, the city chambers have been the seat of the Glasgow government and an entertaining place to visit if you’re into history. Nowadays you’re able to sign up for a tour that will go within the building and reveal its history-concerned content which will amaze you and your family causing you to remember this picturesque building.

Glasgow – Glasgow Cathedral

The rare timelessness of the Glasgow Cathedral will definitely amaze you. The interior, conjuring up medieval might and being both dark and imposing will send a shiver down your spine. A magnificent example of Gothic architecture and unlike any other Scotland Cathedral, it survived the so-called Reformation mobs and remained almost intact. If you decide to pay this cathedral a visit during your Glasgow visitation, you won’t mistake.

Glasgow – Sherbrooke Castle Hotel

Many people are cautious about the place they want to stay during different visitations, and recommended by many tourists is the Sherbrooke castle hotel. Enjoy the 19th century-styled atmosphere and benefit from the free parking, well-appointed rooms, the variety of charming bars, and the high-rated restaurants in the area. The always available, friendly Scotland personal will always be at your disposal.

Glasgow – Black Sheep Bistro

There are plenty of restaurants in Glasgow but the Black Sheep Bistro is the one that will capture your attention instantly. You should certainly put some time aside for visiting this one. They serve everything from battered haddock to macaroni cheese and a wide range of different desserts. It is only available if you book first as the place is usually full. The atmosphere is cozy and this restaurant is the favorite for many families.

Glasgow – The Royal Conservatory of Scotland

The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland is one of the places you can’t miss in Glasgow. When planning your trip, you should have a little look online and see if there’s something that suits your taste, with drama, musical theatre, and pantomimes there certainly should be. You’ll get to sit in a comfortable, modern auditorium with eye-catching architecture and friendly, student staff who are happy to answer any questions you have.

Glasgow – Duke of Wellington Statue

A humoristic manifestation of Glasgow is exactly the Duke of Wellington Statue. If you want to see proof of this it’s located at the Royal Exchange Square. The Duke, instead of fetching a hat, has a traffic cone on his head. In Glasgow, this has become some sort of tradition, every time the council tries to remove the cone they always put it back. Definitely, a fleeting but fun thing to see in Glasgow

Glasgow – Pollok House and Country Park

Over the last few years, the Pollok house and Country park have received more than a few awards as one of the most beautiful parks in Europe. A great thing to do in Glashow especially if you’re looking for a little stroll, the park belonged to the Pollok family and they called the area home. After that, the park was made public for all of us to enjoy. You could even spot some highland coos!