The Dome in Edinburgh-Modern restaurant, pub set inside a 18th century building in Edinburgh

Edinburgh, Scotland’s beautiful capital have many attractions to visit and also consists the best holiday villas with round the clock services, which makes people to enjoy a great holiday in Edinburgh with family and friends. One of the beautiful place to visit and cherish the iconic ‘Edinburgh moment’ of your holiday is the popular building ‘The Dome‘ that functions as a café, restaurant, bar and nightclub in Edinburgh. You can reach ‘The Dome’ in Edinburgh’s George Street of New Town by travelling just half-a-mile from Edinburgh’s city centre. During the year 1847, ‘The Dome’ we see today was built as the headquarters of Commercial Bank of Scotland, incorporating the classic Graeco-Roman style of architecture. Later, ‘The Dome’ got transformed into hotel, restaurant, bar of modern times which is set in a old century building, which made ‘The Dome’ more attractive and unique destination in Edinburgh. Do visit ‘The Dome’ to find out the richness and royal ambience with which the city of Edinburgh is naturally gifted, when you holiday at Edinburgh.

John Knox House in Edinburgh-Must visit historical house in Edinburgh

John Knox House-Edinburgh

Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital have bunch of beautiful attractions to visit and consists amazing holiday villas with round the clock services that let people to enjoy a spectacular holidaying with family, friends in Edinburgh. One of the unique historical landmark with so much architectural value is the John Knox House, a 16th century historical house lived in by Protestant reformer John Knox(1514–1572). The John Knox House looks beautiful with hand painted ceiling, fine wooden gallery and typical medieval architected style that is seen in the interior works and exterior appeal. You can find the John Knox House (or) John Knox’s House in Royal Mile, a main street in Edinburgh’s city centre and can be reached by foot. When you visit the John Knox House, choose the guided tours available at the entrance which will remain an interesting visit during your holidays in Edinburgh.

Victoria street in Edinburgh-Walk the street of elegance in Edinburgh

Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital have many attractions to visit and also have best holiday villas with well-provided amenities which let you enjoy a great holidaying in the royal Edinburgh city with your family and friends. One of the simple but elegant beauty you shall visit in Edinburgh city is the popular Victoria Street which is located just a half-a-mile away from Edinburgh’s city centre. Why you need to look at Victoria Street in Edinburgh? Because, the Victoria Street is one of the picturesque street in Edinburgh that sticks to rich, old town views it possess by the presence of medieval architectures, narrowed-streets, statues and monuments filled up in this street in Edinburgh. If you’re a Harry Potter fan, then you must visit the Diagon House, an official Harry Potter merchandise shop in Victoria Street which takes you into the world of Harry Potter for a while. You can also find many interesting and different shops that brings up the beautiful neo-classical experience for you, when you’re walking in Victoria Street, Edinburgh.

Walk at the ‘Water of Leith’ in Edinburgh-Simple and real beauty of Edinburgh

Water of Leith

Edinburgh, Scotland’s amazing capital welcome tourists throughout the year with it’s beautiful attractions and spectacular holiday villas found in Edinburgh city. One of the beautiful walk you shall take in Edinburgh is at Edinburgh’s natural beauty ‘Water of Leith’ located 4 miles away from the Edinburgh city. While people say ‘Water of Leith’ in Edinburgh, it refers to the footpath located near the watercourse of this Edinburgh’s main river. Being surrounded by verdurous vegetation, Water of Leith is definitely a beautiful place to visit with natural and soothing ambience, which is highly recommended for families and couples to reach the outer circle of city away from busy atmosphere. You can spot nearly 80 types of birds while you’re at Water of Leith in Edinburgh and you can encounter many other interesting destinations of Edinburgh located so close to Water of Leith. If you would like to admire Edinburgh, as it is with the natural beauty and locals then visit and walk at the Water of Leith in Edinburgh.

The Scotch Whisky Experience in Edinburgh-Taste and tour traditional Scotch whiskey bar with restaurant in Edinburgh

Edinburgh, the amazing capital of Scotland is a beautiful package of interesting destinations along with amazing holiday resorts, villas which can accommodate and offer a spectacular holidaying experience to people who visit Edinburgh. One interesting attraction for adults who would love to taste traditional ‘Scotch Whiskey’ while holidaying in Edinburgh is the popular The Scotch Whisky Experience, located close to Royal Mile in Edinburgh. You can reach ‘The Scotch Whisky Experience’ just by traveling less than a mile from Edinburgh’s city centre. This traditional whiskey house opened during the year 1988 in Edinburgh offers interesting whiskey touring sessions and tasting, along with shop and a whisky bar & Amber restaurant that is functioning till date. If you are a fan of ‘Scotch whiskey’ then ‘The Scotch Whisky Experience’ is one best way to experience real good scotch whiskey along with observing the methods of preparation of Scotch in the Scotland’s capital-Edinburgh.

Historical marketplace in Edinburgh-Classic Grassmarket in Edinburgh

Edinburgh, the adventurous capital of Scotland welcomes tourist/traveler from different parts across the world with the charming attractions and beautiful & royal ambience it possess. One simple but beautiful place to visit in Edinburgh which is completely ‘Scottish’ and blessed with so much liveliness in Edinburgh is the popular Grassmarket, a historical market place in Edinburgh’s Old Town. The Grassmarket is directly set below the Edinburgh Castle and functions as an important transport route through Edinburgh’s city centre. The archaeological evidences found at the Grassmarket, the marketplace belongs to late 14th century and stands majestically seeing all the changes and evolution of Edinburgh city from olden times to modern times. You can also find cafés. clubs, restaurants, retail shops, gift shops, pubs and two large hotels, and both locals & tourists in Edinburgh, make the Grassmarket in Edinburgh, so lively and beautiful. Do visit this beautiful place along with the Edinburgh Castle, when you’re in Edinburgh.

Craigmillar Castle in Edinburgh-Ruined but beautiful destination in Edinburgh

Edinburgh, the Scotland’s capital offers you the best holidaying experience with the touch of ‘royal’ness everywhere across the city and the immaculate holiday villas in Edinburgh adds more joy with privacy, proper services and guidance available at your door step. Edinburgh is the home of many beautiful castles and one beautiful which you can’t miss definitely when you’re in Edinburgh city is the popular Craigmillar Castle, a late 14th century ruined medieval castle built with stones. You can reach the Craigmillar Castle by traveling nealry 5 kilometres in south-east from the heart of Edinburgh city. Though ruined, people visit Craigmillar Castle because, of the way it’s well preserved and the lush green ambience which makes the destination to look adorable even with those scars(ruins) and the old-ages trees at the entrance. While you visit Craigmillar Castle in Edinburgh, you’ll definitely feel for a moment, that you’re inside the opening scenes of ‘The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian’ film. Though Craigmillar Castle is closed temporarily due to COVID-19 outbreak, people of Edinburgh are expecting the destination to re-open in upcoming days. Do visit the Craigmillar Castle, if it’s open when you’re in Edinburgh.

Rosslyn Chapel in Edinburgh-Picturesque 15th century chapel in Edinburgh

Rosslyn Chapel

Edinburgh, the beautiful capital of Scotland have many beautiful locations to visit and also have best holiday villas with round the clock services and well-provided ameneties which makes people to enjoy a great holidaying in the royal and beautiful Edinburgh city. One of the beautiful, historical site and popular chapel to visit in Edinburgh is the Rosslyn Chapel located in a Scotland’s village called ‘Roslin’ which is located 7 miles away from Edinburgh’s city centre. The Rosslyn Chapel belong to the mid 15th century and was set built beautifully on a small hill at the Roslin village in Edinburgh. You can feel the richness and the antiqueness of the Rosslyn Chapel; both at the same time when you visit & adore the ancient architectures, wall paintings, sculptures, beautiful pillars here. You shall take guided tours available at the entrance to admire and gain knowledge about the Rosslyn Chapel in Edinburgh. Do take pictures in Rosslyn Chapel which will definitely remain as one of the best, picturesque destination you visited during your holidaying in Edinburgh.

Camera Obscura & World of Illusions in Edinburgh-Illusion you shouldn’t miss in Edinburgh

Edinburgh, the beautiful capital of Scotland welcome thousands of tourists throughout the year with beautiful attractions and the amazing holiday villas in Edinburgh. One of the beautiful tourist spot to take your family, kids, friends and yourselves while holidaying in Edinburgh is the popular Camera Obscura & World of Illusions located in the Edinburgh’s old town. You can reach ‘Camera Obscura & World of Illusions’ just by walking 5 minutes straight from the Edinburgh’s main city centre, since it’s so closer and nearby. The Camera Obscura & World of Illusions is a house of illusions, camera obscuras, consists over 100 interactive exhibits and it’s massive with Outlook tower, 5 floors with rooftop spot from where you can enjoy spectacular panoramic views of the Edinburgh city. Camera Obscura & World of Illusions is unique and classic, because, it’s one of the oldest house opened during year 1835 with such idea & been operated successfully till-date with latest upgradations according to present times and preferences. Though, it’s closed temporarily due to COVID-19 outbreak locals of Edinburgh mouth that the doors of Camera Obscura & World of Illusions will re-open from summer months. If you’re in Edinburgh and you found Camera Obscura & World of Illusions open, then definitely visit this exciting house of illusions in Edinburgh.

Greyfriars Kirkyard in Edinburgh-Picturesque destination in Edinburgh

Edinburgh, the amazing capital of Scotland is a beautiful package of royal and adventurous destinations together with amazing holiday resorts and villas in Edinburgh to welcome, accommodate and gift a spectacular holidaying in Edinburgh. Edinburgh have most interesting destinations to visit and admire & one such destination to visit is the Greyfriars Kirkyard, a popular landmark which is actually an graveyard surrounded by chapel called as Greyfriars Kirk. You can reach the Greyfriars Kirkyard by just traveling 1 mile from the main city centre of Edinburgh. Though, the Greyfriars Kirkyard and the Greyfriars Kirk(ancient parish church) sounds to be dark, the place looks picturesque with classic, vintage touch in the architectures and buildings as they belong to 16th century. You can find notable burials in Greyfriars Kirkyard and adds more historical value to this destination in Edinburgh. If you’re a fan of Harry Potter novel & films you could easily recognize Greyfriars Kirkyard because, J.K. Rowling started writing the famous Potter books while living in Edinburgh and you can find the influence of many castles and architectures in the novels. Don’t forget to click pictures when you visit Greyfriars Kirkyard in Edinburgh.