Beautiful Burj Khalifa!

Burj Khalifa

Dubai is one of the iconic and highly developed tourist destination of the Middle East. In other words, Dubai is the well recognized holidaying destination that attracts a bunch of travelers from various parts of the world. Dubai have a lot of iconic destinations that depicts the way that city have developed in all aspects colliding with tradition and technology at the same time. Dubai enjoys a good tropical climate throughout the year whereas the summers are a bit sunny. Dubai have a very good course of luxury villas, private apartments with swimming pools, and resorts that could make your holidaying a posh one. The one thing you can’t think about skipping a visit in Dubai is Burj Khalifa, which is tallest ever man-made structure and happens to be most identified spot in UAE. From the top of Burj Khalifa’s tower you can have complete look at the elegance of Dubai’s downtown. Burj Khalifa is 10 years old, since it was inaugurated on 2010 and was under construction for 6 years from 2004-2010. There are 163 floors in this majestic 827 metres sky scrapper but the public will be allowed only up to 148th floor which is 555 metres in height.

Adore the flies of beauty in a doomed garden!

The gigantic butterfly welcoming setup at the entrance of the garden make the guests feel wow to enter the park. ‘Dubai Butterfly Garden’ is the best option to spend time with family and kids to spare leisure time. The lavish green garden creates good backdrops for all the snaps of your style. Exotic living butterflies are allowed to fly inside the doom in a man-made natural setup and visitors can enjoy it casually.  

Bali in Palm Jumeirah

Dubai-Palm Jumeirah

Dubai is widely addressed as the posh area of Emirates, for it’s enhanced modern architecture and the luxurious lifestyle it portrays. The incredible development of Dubai over last few decades is clearly one of the facts that gained an iconic spot for the city in the ‘world of tourism’. Dubai is a home for skyscrapers, amusing water theme parks, luxurious malls, and also an underwater zoo with a spectacular Dubai Aquarium. But, above all these stands top the Palm Jumeirah, the island of dreams. Palm Jumeirah is a tree shaped island in Dubai, which is a hub for sparkling nightlife, International hotels and restaurants along with amazing apartment towers. Like Dubai, Bali island is a well-known tourist spot from south-east asia. In the event of making the Dubai tourists to experience an ‘Bali touch’, a new beachfront restaurant Koko Bay has opened in Palm Jumeirah. Koko Bay will provide fresh sea food, stunning sunset DJs, and a soothing vibe for the guests to make their visit joyous. Cantonese-style steamed red snapper, slow cooked beef cheeks, Koko Bay fish and chips, and crispy sea bream with Thai coconut and young peppercorn sauce in the food menu will give visitors a satisfying ‘Bali touch’. Koko Bay must be pleased to know that the restaurant is pet-friendly. Koko Bay doors are open at West Beach, Palm Jumeirah from September 1,2020.

The city of luxury has glorifying villas and rentals for its guests!

The sea-side ‘luxury villas’ and ‘rentals’ of Dubai are known for its classy looks and well-featured rooms. Not all the guests prefer the home type stay in Dubai; sometimes they knock the luxury buildings to enjoy the relaxed and sophisticated stay on trips. Within 2 Km from ‘the Aquaventure Waterpark’ lie the glorifying villas with 5 bedroom facilities too along with indoor pools and lush greenery. The guests can also enjoy Dubai’s favourite dishes in the nearby restaurants and cafes.

The World’s largest natural flower garden lies in Dubai!

The district Dubailand is known for its largest natural flower garden in Dubai since 2013. The garden is featured with 50 million floral kinds which are just mind-blowing. Guests who have visited the spot also adore on its vast well-maintained garden landscape of about 72,000 square metres. The heart arches, human face garden and ornamental plant corners are the highlights of the garden. Botanical lovers never miss this spot to be visited in Dubai.

Glitzy Dubai invites travellers to adore its fascination!


Dubai, the city of interesting facts about culture and heritage invites travellers for several fascinating reasons. One of the reasons is to visit the Al-Fahidi Fort, an excellent sightseeing spot along with an inbuilt museum. Dubai Museum has a captivating exhibition showing the historical maps of Dubai and its expansion after the great oil boom. People those who think visiting this spot is worth in Dubai can also enjoy the tasty dine in the nearby restaurants.

Dubai holidays are not Exorbitant but Expensive and truly special for family trips!


Travellers must know how to handle the days in an expensive country like Dubai. Dubai tourists confirm that the place is expensive but not exactly exorbitant in nature. One of the ways to enjoy the thrilling gateway with family is stepping into the ‘IMG Worlds of Adventure’, an indoor theme park meant for mere fun and thrills. Kids do enjoy a lot while seeing their favourite heroes coming alive to engage them.

A great annual conversation about the richness of literary happens in Dubai!

One of the Arab’s largest festivals is the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature that grabs the attention of literary groups from different parts of the world. The favored promotions of books and readings in all forms happen during the festival. The most interesting aspect of the festival is it allows more than 130 international and local authors get mingled in a single platform. People of all the ages are grouped here if they have a love for reading any kind of wisely written contents. 

Downtown Dubai’s tallest building structure gains international recognition

Burj Khalifa

The building, opened in 2010 has broken several height records in Dubai and is recognized as the tallest building structure in the world. BurjKhalifa gains international attention for its greatest height 829.8m where the residential and the hotel spaces are well optimized. The night view of this interesting spot can be visited across the fountain splashes make the guests understand the tone of its royalty. While paying attention to stay closer to the spot, tourists would find out many luxury rentals in Dubai.

Choreographed fountains dance as per the theme lights in Dubai!

Dubai Fountain

The adorable fountain views of the Dubai Fountain make elders feel like kids while enjoying its choreography. It is a perfect evening spot to be visited with kids as the fountain water splashes as per the theme lights and the show looks like ‘Fire over the Sea’. There are many family-friendly holiday rentals are located closer to the spot and tourists would find it very difficult to choose one from the list.