Taste the traditional spirit of Crete-Cretan Raki of Crete

Cretan Raki

Crete, the beautiful Greek island is one enjoyable holidaying destination with bunch of attractions and holiday villas which let you to stay & enjoy a great holidaying with family, friends in Crete. When you’re in Crete and if you have the habits to alcohol drinks, then you must definitely try Tsikoudia , a strong-homemade spirit of Greek’s Crete. People of Crete call Tsikoudia as “Cretan’s Raki”, & most commonly as “Raki” and it’s available in the main towns of Crete island such as Chania, Rethymno(Rethimno), Heraklion and many others towns of Crete. In the taverns and restaurants of Crete, the Raki is served as complimentary treat after every meal along with sweet delicacies, & fresh fruits and in some places they’re consumed with olives as a perfect starter for any type of meal. Do try this traditional Cretan Raki, while holidaying in Crete.

Malia in Crete-Celebrate your Crete holiday with vibrant party & seafront views

Crete, the largest and beautiful island of Greece is packed with attractions which will keep you soak in enjoyment during your entire holidays in Crete with family and friends. If you’re near Heraklion, a main town in northern part of Crete and if you would explore the amazing nightlife of Crete, then you must visit Malia, a coastal town in north-east coastline of Crete island which is located nearly 34 kilometres away from Heraklion. With a great variety of beach bars, pubs, night clubs, discos, cafés and restaurants that functions till late nights, early mornings filled with music, lights accompanied by amazing seafront views: Malia in Crete is an amazing party town in Crete to visit and enjoy. If you reach Malia earlier, do visit the medieval beauty ‘Minoan Palace of Malia’ in Malia and then enjoy your party night of your ‘Crete holidays’.

Argyroupolis in Crete-Worthy visit for nature and food lovers in Crete

Crete, the large & amazing island of Greece is one of the best holidaying destination in Greece, as you can find packed attractions to visit and amazing holiday villas in Crete to enjoy a spectacular holiday with friends and family. One of the hidden beauty which is definitely worthy for a visit when you’re holidaying in Crete is visiting the Argyroupolis village, which is located between the Chania town and Rethymno town of the island of Crete. Argyroupolis village (or) Argyroupolis town in Crete is definitely unique and special, being surrounded by verdurous valleys, mountains and springs. The two main reason people visit Argyroupolis in Crete is: to soak in the nature’s delight and picturesque views which is quite far and away from shorelines of Crete and appears to be a flora side of Crete and to taste the delicious dishes made and served in Argyroupolis of Crete. If you’re a nature admirer (or) food lover (or) both, then you’ll love Argyroupolis, when you visit, while holidaying in Crete.

Visit Palaiochora in Crete-Best place to eat and enjoy spectacular views in Crete

Crete, the beautiful Greek island is a best holidaying destination in Greece where you can have many attractions to visit and enjoy with your family, friends. One of the best viewpoint to enjoy great views of Crete’s town, mountains along with delicious Crete cuisine and many multi cuisines is the popular Castro in Palaiochora town, Crete. Palaiochora town is located nearby the south coastline of Crete and you can reach it by traveling nearly 70 kilometres towards south from Chania, a main town in Crete island. You have a bar and restaurant at Castro in Palaiochora town which is set over the mountain cliffs that possess spectacular views and scenic ambience. You shall enjoy great lunch and moment at Castro in Palaiochora town along with your family and friends, when you’re in Crete.

Sougia beach in Crete-Long, less crowded, clean beach in Crete

Crete beach
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Crete island in Greece is the largest and most visited Greek island by numerous tourists throughout the year, especially by the people of United Kingdom and Europe due to the reliable transport services between them and the great series of amazing holidays villas in Crete. One of the beautiful beach located in the southern coastline of Crete is the Sougia beach, lengthy but secluded beach due it’s location in Crete. You can reach the Sougia beach in the coastal village Sougia by traveling nearly 70 kilometres from Chania, main town in Crete island. Though there are many beaches in Crete’s northern coastline, the visit to Sougia beach is definitely worthy because of the clean & tidy sandy shore which stretches about 1200 metres with crystal clear waters and smooth pebbles. Sougia beach is one of the best naturist/nudist beach with tourist amenities in Crete. You can find restaurants, taverns serving delicious Greek and other cuisines nearby the Sougia beach in Crete.

Rethymno Old Town-Best preserved old town in Crete island

Crete, the largest Greek island offers you one of the best holidaying experience with incredibly beautiful attractions to visit and enjoy. It’s always better to choose the amazing holiday villas and beachfront villas in Crete for holiday, since they serve you round the clock & offers great hospitality, privacy to make sure your holiday in Crete is at it’s ‘BEST!’. One of the beautiful part of Crete you should experience is it’s cultural history and ancient/old town ambience it possess; while talking about ‘old towns’ in Crete, you shall put ‘Rethymno Old Town’ as first into your list to visit and admire when you’re in Crete. Rethymno is the 3rd largest city of Crete located in the northern-most west coastline of the Crete island and you can reach it by traveling nearly 50 kilometres from the Crete’s main city. Rethymno’s old town is one of the best preserved old town in Crete with cobbled streets with colorful walls, doors, windows which belongs mostly to 14th century times. The Neratze Mosque(a Venetian church for almost 300 years, before), popular Rimondi Venetian Fountain and some Venetian monuments seen are some of the best ancient Crete’s architecture in the Crete island. Do visit this picturesque ‘Rethymno old town’ to feel the rich cultural and historical vibes of the island completely, when you’re in Crete.

Amazing Sissi beach and village in Crete-Natural beach resort village in Crete

Crete, the beautiful island of Greece is one of the best holidaying destination with all the attractions and facilities to enjoy a great holidaying with family, friends in Greece. If you’re looking forward a calm beach holidaying in Crete, keeping off from large crowd then you shall definitely visit the and enjoy ‘Crete beach holidays’ in Lassithi Sissi beach located in a lovely coastal village called ‘Sissi’ in Crete. You can reach Sissi by traveling 40 kilometres towards east from Heraklion, a main town in northern coastline of Crete. Sissi village consists of many small, secluded coves and one perfect sandy beach found here is Boufos beach with sunbeds and umbrellas available for rent. You can also find a exquisite secluded bay called Avlaki near Sissi with turquoise crystalline waters and white sandy shore, which happens to be the best place for swimming in Sissi. One most important factor about Sissi is that, you can find some best luxurious holiday resorts, villas with beachfront views of Crete in Sissi village of Crete island.

Historic Old Venetian Harbour in Chania town, Crete

Crete island of Greece is packed with beautiful attractions which have the capability to attract and accommodate thousands of tourists from various parts across the world, throughout the year. Crete island is filled with old town classics related to rich cultural history of Crete as much as the island is filled with beautiful beaches. One such beautiful historical landmark to visit in Crete is the Old Venetian Harbour located in Chania, a main town in western Crete. When you’re in Chania city’s centre, you can reach the Old Venetian Harbour just by walking towards the coastline of Crete. Chania’s Old Venetian Harbour looks so classic with the ‘Old Town’ feels, as it was built during 14th century and six centuries old, which the harbour an important ancient/historical treasure to be preserved of Chania town in Crete. While walking the waterfront promenade of Chania’s Old Venetian Harbour you’ll walk 4 coasts and end up near lighthouse which makes the views of the harbour more beautiful and lively. You have lot to look near each coasts near Chania’s Old Venetian Harbour and also lots of cafés, multi cuisine restaurants, Greek cuisine restaurants, bars, gift shops, and many other shops line up near the Old Venetian Harbour in Crete.

Chania Loutraki beach in Crete-Beach with shallow waters suitable for families

Crete, the largest island of Greece will definitely be the Greek island that welcomes large number of tourists from various parts across the world and especially from Europe and United Kingdom. Both the eastern and western part of Crete have beautiful beaches as the Crete island is vast enough to have many number of beaches. One of the beautiful beach near the Chania, a main town in north-west coastal line of Crete is the Chania Loutraki beach with picturesque views. You can reach the Loutraki beach by traveling nearly 16.5 kilometres from Chania’s east in Crete island. Chania Loutraki beach is small, secluded cove in Crete with turquoise crystalline water and white sandy beach. Waters in Chania Loutraki beach is shallow and tidy which makes it a good choice for families and kids during ‘Crete holiday’. You can find limited availability of cafés, taverns and restaurants near Chania Loutraki beach but can find plenty in the Marathi village which is very close to Chania Loutraki beach and you can also find another beautiful Marathi beach here. Do visit Chania Loutraki beach in Crete, when you look for a less-crowded beach day with picturesque views and a beach which is suitable for family and kids in Crete.

Rimondi Venetian Fountain in Crete-Amazing ancient fountain in Crete

Crete, the beautiful and largest Greek island is one of the best holidaying destination where you can unbox a treasure(attraction to visit and enjoy) from the moment you land to the moment you depart from Crete. There are many beautiful & historical monuments with iconic architectures in Crete to visit and enjoy where you can’t miss taking pictures during a ‘beach-off’ day in your Crete holiday. One such beautiful destination to visit in Crete is the Rimondi Venetian fountain located in Rethymno, a main city in Crete island. Rethymno(Rethimno) is a main city in north-western coastline of Crete and the famous Rimondi Venetian Fountain is just 2 kilometres away from Rethymno(Rethimno)’s city centre in Crete island. Rimondi Venetian Fountain is a classical structure built during the year 1626 and it’s found at the old town square called Petichaki square in Rethymno(Rethimno) of Crete island. The water flows during all the springs in the Rimondi Venetian Fountain in Petichaki square and you can also see other few historic monuments near the square. There are many cafés, restaurants nearby the destination to sit back and relax after a pleasant visit to Rimondi Venetian Fountain in Crete.