Costa Dorada – Paddle Surf Rental

Initiate into this new water sport, which is the perfect activity for families, friends, and couples. Now you have the opportunity to Rent Paddle Surf in Costa Dorada and enjoy the sea breeze of the Mediterranean sea. With the small prices starting from $12 per surfboard, you can sail through the coast at your own pace up to 7 hours a day. It is an adventure that you can’t miss!

Costa Dorada – Sample the Local Wine

If you’re looking to sample Costa Dorada’s wine works you should visit the wine vineyard not far from the Costa Dorada’s center. Their wineries are contained in a spectacular building to take the experience to a further level and not only impress you with the taste but with the fascinating architecture. A plus is that you could even the bottle of wine you liked the most and take it home with you.

Costa Dorada – Old Railway Cycling Tour

Enjoy the free cancellation, 6-hour experience of cycling amongst the old railway located in Costa Dorada. Come upon lovely villages and magnificent views during your tour and scenic spots where you can either eat or take pictures. High-rated hotels in the area and many entertaining experiences for you to enjoy during or after your unique cycling tour by the old railway of Costa Dorada.

Costa Dorada – Poblet Monastery

Founded by the monks of Saint Benedict over 850 years ago, this sacred place is an architectural marvel. It survived throughout Spain’s depredations of time and political goals and is a worth visit to see the way how monks of the Poblet Monastery once lived. Even though a lot of tam has passed, the monastery is still practicing its part of the community that is interested in the monastic ways.

Costa Dorada – CATAMARAN trip with Barbecue

Enjoy the beautiful view of Costa Dorada’s waters on an exotic Catamaran adventure. The experience includes a free bar and food on board which makes the fun even greater. This is one of the most sold summer activities and the tickets are at an approachable price, suitable to bring your whole family on-bard. You can even enjoy swimming in the middle of the sea as that’s one of the perks this trip offers.

Costa Dorada – Kayaking in the Ebro River

If you are an activist and you are looking for some adventure in Costa Dorada you can enjoy a kayaking guided tour along the Ebro River and discover a unique natural and historical Catalan landscape. The duration of the activity is about 5 hours where the pickup from your hotel is included. The instructors speak multiple languages including English, Spanish, French, Russian, and Italian.

Costa Dorada – Tuna Tour

If you are ready to travel in a modern and innovative catamaran, learn about the water creatures’ history and biology and swim among hundreds of bluefin tuna make sure to book a Tuna Tour. With a duration of 2 hours, you will taste the tuna prized by the best restaurants and observe sea animals eating. The adventure is suitable for all ages and family members.

Costa Dorada – Roman Tarragona & Mediterranean Sitges

If you’re seeking to explore the Tarragonian culture during your stay in Costa Dorada, then you should definitely visit the Roman Tarragona. Discover the ancient buildings of the Tarragona as you visit multiple locations: Roman sites include the Pont del DIable – The Devil’s Bridge, Underground passageways, the Mediterranean town with Seville-style photos, and many more amazing Tarragona landmarks that are worth visiting.

Costa Dorada – Trekking at Waterfalls Adventure

Discover the stunning environment of the waterfalls located in Costa Dorada while enjoying your holiday. The accessible tickets starting at $81 and going cheaper for an infant will fully justify the adventure you and your family are going to experience. The selective hotel pickup, friendly staff and the safety practices will bring even more comfort to your visitation on this amazing natural landmark.

Costa Dorada – The Poblet Monastery

If you love history and culture you might be interested in visiting the Poblet Monastery. Founded over 850 years ago by the monks of Saint Benedict’s order. You will explore how the monks lived back then and take one step further in their history. The greatest part is that the monastery is still a practicing monastic community. If you have some time to spare in Costa Dorada, the Poblet Monastery is a worthy place to go.