Canal d’Amour beach in Corfu-Swim with your spouse in ‘Channel of love’ in Corfu

Corfu, the beautiful island in Greece possess attractions that are beautiful to visit and admire and also amazing holiday villas that let you stay and enjoy holiday with privacy in Corfu island with your family and friends. One beautiful beach for people who loves adventure, appreciates nature’s dominance to visit in Corfu is the Canal d’Amour beach located in the north-most west coastline of Corfu island. You can reach the Canal d’Amour beach located in Sidari, a coastal village of Corfu by travelling nealry 38 kilometres from Corfu town(Corfu’s capital). Canal d’Amour beach looks beautiful, unique with large & long rock cliffs that forms a rectangular creek with the turquoise crystalline waters; almost of the Canal d’Amour beach & creek appears with these sand-colored walls (or) rock cliffs. The entrance to Canal d’Amour beach’s creek is a tunnel and it appeals more beautiful & romantic to couples who visits the beach and hence popularly called as ‘Channel of love’. When the water is calm you can swim through tunnel and enjoy some swimming in Canal d’Amour beach and there’s a myth that, ‘the couples who swim together in Channel of love will remain together, forever’. Do visit the Canal d’Amour beach with your partner, spouse to make your ‘beach day’ more romantic in Corfu.

Paramonas beach in Corfu-Amazing bay kinda beach in Corfu

Corfu, the amazing holiday island have many beautiful beaches with extra-ordinary beauty and amenities and you can choose them based on your mood of ‘How your beach day in Corfu should be like?’. One such beautiful beach you shall visit in Corfu is the Paramonas beach which is located on Corfu’s south-western coastline and can be reached by travelling by 24 kilometres towards south-west from Corfu town(Corfu’s capital town/city). Paramonas beach is located near the coastal village Agios Mattheos-a beautiful village in Corfu with notable holiday villas, resorts with extra-ordinary services and verdurous ambience(due to the presence of mountains surrounding the village) in Corfu. Though, secluded from other beaches, you can find all good tourists’ amenities in Paramonas beach & the Paramonas beach do look and feel so beautiful with soft sandy shore, pebbles, turquoise crystalline water that is set under the foot of lush green mountains in Corfu.

Kaizer Bridge in Corfu-Simple but elegant viewpoint in Corfu

Corfu, the beautiful island of Greece owns a lot of beautiful attractions and you can also find amazing holiday villas in Corfu and that makes ‘Corfu’ as one of best destination to spend your holidays with family and friends. One of the simple but iconic viewpoint of Corfu, you shall visit is the popular Kaizer Bridge located 12 kilometres south to Corfu’s main town in the island of Corfu. Kaizer Bridge was built during the early years after 1900s and was named after the owner Kaiser Wilhelm II and it was identified as a part of Achilleion Palace. When you visit the Kaizer Bridge in Corfu, you’ll definitely exclaim that, ‘There is a beauty in simplicity!’ and will push you to click perfect pictures of your holidaying in Corfu.

Agni beach(Agni bay) in Corfu-Good choice in Corfu

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Corfu, the beautiful island in Greece have many beautiful attractions to visit and can also find amazing holiday rentals such as villas, resorts, & beachfront villas in Corfu to enjoy holidays with your family, kids and friends. You can spot many beautiful beaches in Corfu and one beautiful beach you shall definitely consider visiting in Corfu is the Agni bay, also called ‘Agni beach’ in Corfu. You can reach Agni bay/beach, a calm-secluded beach in Corfu by traveling 30 kilometres from Corfu town, main town in Corfu. Agni beach(Agni bay) in Corfu looks so beautiful with tranquil location, verdurous ambience, pebble-bed shoreline, crystalline water, and offers good count of restaurants & taverns along with shops that rent umbrellas, sunbeds to the visitors who visits. Though serene, Agni beach(Agni bay) is definitely worth visiting to enjoy a ‘beach day’ in the island of Corfu.

Music Museum in Corfu-Interesting museum in Corfu island

Music Museum-Corfu

Corfu, the beautiful Greek island is a complete holiday destination island with so much attractions put together and the amazing holiday villas that treat your family and friends with amazing hospitality will make your ‘Corfu holiday’ more joyful. Do you love music? Most of us will definitely say ‘Yes!’ and here is one exciting destination to visit for you, when you’re in Corfu and it’s the Music Museum located near the Corfu town(Corfu’s capital). The Music Museum in Corfu was opened by the Philharmonic Society of Corfu during the year 2010 and it was opened to commemorate Nikolaos Halikiopoulos Mantzaros, the first Artistic Director of the Philharmonic Society, which was found in 1840 as the first Greek music academy in Corfu island. The main motive of the Philharmonic Society was, they taught, took music to students and people from all social classes without any hurdles. You’ll definitely feel the rich harmony filling the entire building of Music Museum when you visit it in the island of Corfu.

Acharavi beach in Corfu-Impressive natural resort of Corfu

Corfu, the Greek island consists attractions that attracts tourists/travelers from various parts across the world and the amazing holiday villas in Corfu, let you enjoy a great holidaying with family, kids and friends. Corfu have many beautiful beaches which possess all the amenities and peace to spend a complete beach holidaying and one such beautiful part in Corfu island is the popular resort town Acharavi in Corfu. Acharavi is a natural settlement in north-east Corfu that evolved as resort region in Corfu with picturesque views, peaceful ambience that is spread for about 3 kilometres and can be reached by traveling nearly 38 kilometres towards the north-east coastline from Corfu’s main town in east coastline of the Corfu island. Acharavi is beautiful with golden sand, shallow-turquoise crystalline waters of Ionian in front and verdurous flora of Corfu island backing up the beach. Acharavi beach is one of the best to sunbath, swim and due to it’s tranquil nature, the Acharavi beach is one among the beach in Corfu island preferred by naturists/nudists. Acharavi beach have been acknowledged as one of the safest beach in Corfu to take family and kids, since you can get all the tourist amenities, restaurants, resorts, villas available nearby Acharavi in Corfu.

Live inside the ancient Corfu by visiting the Old Perithia village in Corfu

Corfu, the Greek island welcome thousands of tourists throughout the year, because of the blessed natural beauty and amazing holiday rentals it possess such as the holiday villas and beachfront villas in Corfu, enhances the ‘Corfu holiday’ to great extent. One of the best sight-seeing experience you can get in Corfu is visiting the oldest village in Corfu called the ‘Old Perithia’, located on the north-most east of Corfu island. You can reach Old Perithia village by traveling 52 kilometres towards the north-east tip of Corfu from Corfu town, the main town of the Corfu island. Old Perithia (or Palea Perithia) is also known as ‘ghost village’ among the locals of Corfu island. Old Perithia is constructed on the slopes of Corfu’s Mount Pantokrator, which is about 650 metres above the sea level. Old Perithia village in Corfu belongs to 14th century and built with high Venetian architecture style, which you can spot in the ruined doors, window shutters, gardens with broken flowerpots and closed churches. You can find few functioning taverns in the square of Old Perithia to sit back and dine while adimring the dramatic views of Old Perithia village in Corfu.

Corfu’s Liapades beach-Secluded beach with most picturesque ambience in Corfu

Corfu, the exquisite Greek island holds a lot of beautiful attractions and amazing holiday villas which is widespread in Corfu and makes it one of best Greek island to spend your holidays with family and friends. Corfu have many beautiful beaches which are the best part of this Greek island and one such beautiful beach to spend a great beach day in Corfu is the Corfu’s Liapades beach, located on the north-west coastline of Corfu island. You can reach the Liapades beach located near the Paleokastritsa, a main coastal village in Corfu island by traveling nealry 21 kilometres towards north-west direction from Corfu’s main city. Corfu’s Liapades beach is gifted by nature with picturesque views surrounded by lush green flora such as vineyards, and many other trees, & fields. Corfu’s Liapades beach offers you good swimming, warm sunbath and limited water sport activities with lifeguard services and can also rent speed boats to explore the marine life and beauty of Ionian sea from the shore of Liapades beach in Corfu. When you visit Liapades beach, do visit the enchanting Paleokastritsa village and monastery, an iconically beautiful destination in Corfu located 5 kilo metres away from here. Liapades beach is one of the beautiful but less-crowded beach which offers privacy to your family and friends in Corfu.

Wine & dine at Theotoky Estate in Corfu-Rich and traditional wine tasting in Corfu

Corfu, the beautiful island of Greece surrounded by Ionian sea is now a perfect holidaying destination to the people of United Kingdom, Europe and various nations across the world. Corfu shines as ‘the best’ with the immensely beautiful attractions and amazing holiday villas, beachfront villas in Corfu with round the clock services. One of the beautiful activity for couples, friends and people who love to taste some good, rich and traditional wine in Corfu is visiting the popular and authentic winery located in Ropa Valley in Corfu called ‘Theotoky Estate‘. You can reach the Theotoky Estate in Corfu by traveling 18 kilometres from Corfu’s main city towards the Giannades town in western part of Corfu island. The ‘Theotoky Estate’ in Corfu is owned by Theotoky family which happens to be one of the oldest families in Greece and operating the Estate generation by generations. You can enjoy a rich and luxurious wine & dine in exquisite ambience, taste traditional cuisine of Corfu & Greece, take a tour in vineyard and check ‘how the wines are made?’. You can pre-book your visit before your arrival to Theotoky Estate in Corfu.

Dassia beach in Corfu-Best cosmopolitan beach in Corfu

Corfu, the beautiful Greek island have many beautiful attractions which make people to flock to this beautiful island for holidays with family, kids and friends throughout the year. Off many beautiful beaches, one particular beach you can reach easily and provided all amenities to enjoy beautiful beach day is the Dassia beach located on the north east coastline of the Corfu island. You can reach the Dassia beach by traveling just 13 kilometres towards north-eastern coastline from Corfu’s main city in the Corfu island. Dassia beach in Corfu is beautiful with turquoise crystalline water, sandy beach with pebbles and stretch for nearly 2 kilometres which makes the Dassia beach spacious for the visitors. Dassia beach in Corfu is the best and most suitable beach to enjoy great swimming, sunbath, few water sport activities with proper lifeguard services. You have beautiful cafés, restaurants, beach bars and the lush green trees lining up at the back of Dassia beach in Corfu. You can also find amazing holiday villas near Dassia beach and can also find stunning beachfront villas with private beaches near Dassia beach in Corfu which is best to stay during summer. You also have beachfront villas in Corfu near the Dassia beach with affordable prices to enjoy a great summer in Corfu.