Sidari, Corfu


Sidari is one of the beautiful sea side villages in Corfu. The village is growing as a tourist town with new buildings and hotels been built.The place is become popular for its tourist lifestyle and its nightlife. It is also known for its beaches especially the Canal d’Amour beach which is a stunning bay. The village is well connected to the corfu town.You can do plenty of things in sidari including the shopping, drink and dance in late night clubs and more. Accommodation is not a worry since the village has good number of homestays, apartments and hotels. So if you come to Corfu dont miss the sidari.

Stunning Beaches of Corfu

Corfu mixes the very best of incredible beaches, lively nightlife, abundant history and lovely landscapes for the visitors. That is exactly why the majority of the Europeans along with global vacationers choose getaways to Corfu.Corfu is a must-see island. Very easily you can get luxury accommodations to stay, healthy meals, outstanding wines, medieval sites of magnitude and wonderful beaches.Besides the fun-filled places to go and water sports, Corfu also offers some fascinating beaches for you to discover.


With gorgeous white sands extending for kilometres and a back drop of fantastic rich wooded cliffy areas. All of the typical amenities are nearby, with coffee shops and pubs accessible and it’s very family friendly. There are water sports to choose from like jet skiing and sailing, but it’s quite low key. The beaches of Corfu are amazing and are beyond compare. There are white sandy beaches with magnificent waters. There are numerous little beaches that are either enclosed by cliffs or with palm trees. Just about each and every beach are vastly different from the other and are beautiful.

Some of the must see beaches in Corfu are…

Agios Georgios Pagon
Apraos or Kalamaki

And much more. Corfu is the place for fantastic beach holiday and you can find beaches of every kind.