Bodrum – Orak Island Boat Trip

Orak Island is in the Aegean east of Bodrum, part of the mostly uninhabited stretch of the peninsula. After you set sail from Bodrum Harbour in the early afternoon, the cruise will first make a stop at the exquisite Red Bay, before arriving on the Orak Island Bay. There you will discover a hidden nature and enjoy different kinds of water activities. The activity is suitable for larger groups including families with children and friends.

Bodrum – Castle of St. Peter

Visit the great ancient architecture on the lands of Bodrum, visiting the great castle of St. Peter located not far from the Bodrum’s center. Built-in the far 1400, this castle takes place as one of Bodrum’s oldest remaining from the middle ages. Nowadays it is open to tourist visitation and has been fortified to withstand more than 3000 years into the far future.

Bodrum – Tomb of Mausolus

Discover the secrets hidden within the Persian king Caria, Mausolusl, and see artifacts and other objects that will make this experience memorable. Built-in 351 B.C, this tomb wields ancient artifacts that once both the king and his minions used to battle their enemies and conquer the whole of Persia with their might. Definitely a unique and one of the most remarkable landmark=s of Bodrum for you to visit.

Bodrum – Quad & Buggy Safari

If you’re seeking some excitement and adrenaline during your stay in Bodrum, you should definitely sign up for a Quad & Buggy safari. You can ride in a single-vehicle, but if you’re accompanied by a friend you can choose a double-suited vehicle for you both to enjoy. Pick between a peaceful ride in the nature of Bodrum or a hardcore off-road adrenaline ride for some extra fun.

Bodrum – Visit the Bodrum Market

If you’re more of a shopping personality, you might like the Bodrum market’s containings. You can find traditional Turkish trinkets and souvenirs and at this popular market amongst both locals and tourists. The brightly colored and filled with vibrant atmosphere make the place amazing and enjoyable to kill time in. Buy some Turkish-traditional clothes for your wardrobe and charming jewelry and all kinds of locally handmade rugs or leathers.

Bodrum – Bardakci Cove

It is impressive how on the east side of the headland with the windmills, a little cove with pool-like waters was formed. It is now a beach complex popular among tourists. The beach is private which means that only guests of the complex have access to it, providing a peaceful, and secure environment. Bardakci Cove is a wonderful opportunity for a vacation trip with family or friends.

Bodrum – Palmarina

The Palmarina is Bodrum’s newly renovated marina that we definitely recommend you visit! Take a leisurely stroll beneath palm trees, be lulled by the to and fro of the tide, admire the yachts docked by the pier and immerse yourself in the unique nightlife that port-side towns enjoy! The marina consists of shops selling anything from clothing to souvenirs, cafes, restaurants, and bars.

Bodrum – Bodrum Amphitheatre

A great trip to experience during your stay in Bodrum is definitely to the Bodrum Amphitheatre. Explore ancient Rome buildings in Turkey that are fully supported in Turkey and have been kept and visited as scenic spots. Many buildings were left during the Byzantine period which can be explored even today for an approachable ticket. Enjoy the beauty of the Bodrum Amphitheater and learn the amazing history it wields.

Bodrum – Pedasa

Hike up to Pedasa from Bodrum’s Konacik, and experience a welcoming antidote to resort life, hushed forest, cedars, and larches. High on the Bodrum Peninsula’s rugged spine are the ruins of the ancient Carian Settlement of Pedasa. The site is spread across several hill-tops, providing you with impressive 360-degree panoramas of the Aegean Peninsula.

Bodrum – Sierra Helada

If you already explored the skyscrapers in the city, maybe you should go to the sky-creeping cliffs just next door. All you need is a decent pair of shoes, some water, and a basic hiking set depending on the route. On the northern end, there is a paved road for the one who wants to visit the Albir Lighthouse. The last challenge is to conquer the Radio Mast, which is the highest point at about 300 meters above the sea.