Benidorm Nights!


Benidorm is one of the most loved city in Alicante province that adds more elegance to eastern part of Spain. Benidorm is a city with vibing culture, history; amazing beach, bars, restaurants; exquisite villas, resort and an excellent climate to keep you warm at day and chilled at night. Keeping all the attractions, destinations of Benidorm aside: the one amazing feature that you will enjoy a lot at Benidorm is the ‘night life’. Nights at Benidorm are wild, enchanting, fascinating and never-ending. Nights start from evening 4pm here with people/visitors/tourists flocking into cabaret bars, country bars, showbars, western bars and colorful discos, karoke. If you’re planning for a Disco night you should pay few Euros and must enter during midnight when the energy will be enthralling. These doors will close only by morning 7’o’clock to get ready for another exciting night. If you want to enjoy your night at Benidorm but economically, then Country and Western bars will definitely cheer you up. Drinks at good affordable rate with some free entertainment is available here. Carbaret bars makes your trip luxurious and enables you to enjoy your night with posh dishes and drinks whereas Karoke bars is suitable for visitors with kids too. Benidorm’s nightlife offers joy of all kinds to everyone.

Dive-in with Dolphin in Benidorm


Benidorm is completely the natural seaside resort which falls on the eastern coast of Spain. It is popularly addressed by the Valencia’s Costa Blanca which serves as the best touring spot for beach lovers. Benidorm was only a tiny fishing village before decades and now it’s the most popular holiday vacation spot for the enchanting nightlife it offers. One of the important attraction to Benidorm is Mundomar, a marine animal park. You cannot miss Mundamor on your visit to Benidorm. Munadomar is twinned with another water park Aqualandia which gives double delight on your visit. You can enjoy watching dolphins, sea lions, penguins, meerkats and many more marine and land animals. As an added attraction, Munadomar visitors can watch trained handlers interacting with the animals, and putting on spectacular shows.

Colourful multi-speciality Spa massage centres invite guests in Benidorm!

Who will say ‘NO’ to any healthy solution in a foreign land? Benidorm is very good to render the essential and exaggerated needs to a foreigner that is the reason why it comes under the most preferable tourist option among the visitors. Gerona, Benidorm is known for its exclusive ‘Thai Massage centres’ & ‘Spas’ where customized spa services are offered for both men and women. Guests feel relaxed and they leave the spot with zero adrenaline gush inside the body.

A Coventry indoor market stall smells great in Benidorm!

Designer perfumes make you feel special among the crowd and getting the perfumes from the right corner is also very important for being good to the skin. The Perfume shop lies in the Coventry indoor market has many adorable fragrances for both men and women. The perfumes are made out of mixing the essences of exotic flowers of Spain. It is the right place in Benidorm to buy something special for your sweet partner.

A beautiful beach city in Benidorm invites families!


Benidorm is the best option for families as the beaches here are calm and breezy that suit kids to play. ‘West Beach Promenade’ is one of the calm and warm beaches of the city that gathers tourists for its family-friendly ambience. Waterfront hotels, shopping complexes nearby and promenade are its highlights. Enjoy the urban shoreline for long walks and there is an attached toilet facility along with restaurants. Feel, tan, make fun, eat and leave the beach on holidays.     

A colourful place for the shopping adventure in Benidorm!


A new place might induce new thoughts to taste something new. Benidorm’s Indoor Market is a colourful place featured with meat variants and the spot is known for its quality and freshness. The shop Mercado Mercaloix lies within a 10 min walk from the Levante beach towards its north. After beach fun, grab your favourite meat under this roof before return from the place. Cheese to cold cuts and baked foods are in stock, just pick out your flavour.

Sunday is not new but every week’s shopping is new in Benidorm!

The thing that hinders Sunday shopping is that most of the popular shops remain closed giving no opportunity to buy anything we wish. However, Benidorm makes ways for its guests to enjoy Sunday shopping. Benidorm’s Outdoor market is opened only between 8.00 Am and 2.00 Pm on Sundays and remains closed on the week days. Staying in the holiday rentals situated closer by this market area would remain useful to have a stroll for purchase on super Sundays.

Things that tourists can do in Poniente Beach, just adore the trip!

Poniente Beach

People just leave footprints for proofs in Poniente Beach, one of the fabulous beaches in Benidorm. Even the special skilled persons can access the beach with their wheelchairs. The beach is family-oriented, its warmth and serene waves are enjoyable with kids. Due to its strong undercurrent swimmers can cut short their abilities and stay closer to the shore is advisable. Well-settling accommodation facilities in the nearby areas would be the first choice of selection for visitors.

Balcon del Mediterraneo – A picturesque Mediterranean Sea view in Benidorm!

Balcon del Mediterraneo

The dancing waves of the Mediterranean Sea kissing the viewpointmake the visitors feel the water sprays while standing in the balcony. Balcon del Mediterraneo is constructed in vintage style that allows people to sit in groups to have their favourite cocktail. The spot is not so far from the shopping area, therefore tourists say, they can even complete their shopping as planned after visiting the spot.

Why Benidorm beaches grab more tourist population during summer?

Benidorm beach

Beaches are the evergreen outdoor playgrounds for tourists during summer by the time when the interest for water games becomes higher. Benidorm beaches are the right spots to try adventurous water sports, boat tours and catamaran trips. Stay calm and relaxed lying on the sunbeds and get tanned as much as you wish. Taste your favourite beer and snacks that never make you tired and just have more fun over here. Stay nearby to adore the elegance of the Benidorm beaches.