Bali – Tanjung Benoa

If you enjoy water sports, the Tanjung Benoa in Bali is the place you should go to. One of the most exciting water activities there is strapping on a water jetpack, which will let you up in the air up to a height of ten meters above the water. The experience is not recommended for everybody but if you are enthusiasts feel free to try and keep your balance. The session lasts about 20 minutes and it is a great way to explore the beauty of Bali.

Bali – Gili Islands

A great way to enjoy the fascinating nature of Bali is by visiting the Gili Islands located near the heart of Bali. A perfect tropical escape, crystal blue water, cultural experience, and cooking classes are just a small part of what relaxing and entertaining experiences await you and your family at the fascinating Gili Islands.

Bali – Pura Tanah Lot

Located not far from Kuta, the Pure Tanah Lot, where Pura means temple in Balinese, this landmark takes place in Bali’s most famous temple attractions. The magnificent sea settings make this place amazing to relax and spend time on, where you can discover the ancient temple and its amazing insides. Free to explore and attend to, nothing stops you from staying as much as you like and getting amazed by the Pura Tanah Lot.

Bali – Nusa Island, the Maldives of Bali

Enjoy the paradise of Bali on a fancy cruise with your friends and family. Venture to the offshore islands, such as Ceningan, Penida, Nusa, and Lembongan and there’s a slice of heaven for each of us. Visit the underground house on a guided archeological adventure or discover the fully natural wonders of Devil’s Tears, Pura Puncak Sari, and Mushroom Beach.

Bali – Marigold fields forever at Desa Temukus

Enjoy the not green, but orange side of nature located in Bali. filled from end to end with charming pretty yellowish-orange flowers, this might be the perfect place for relaxation during your visitation to Bali. The area includes a quiet village and the flower field of Kasna. Keep in mind that in order to completely enjoy nature’s beauty it is recommended to visit these fields before the harvesting season.

Bali – Monkey Forest

The Monkey Forest is a Hindu Temple complex in Ubud and also one of the main attractions in the city. The complex contains more than 500 monkeys. The entire natural park is reserved and you can walk around and take photographs of the monkeys. You can even buy bananas to feed the primates from the main entrance which is a spectacle on its own. The Monkey Forest is a great way to break up your day with some exploration.

Bali – Get a Cream Bath

A cream bath is a traditional Balinese hair treatment used almost daily by Indonesian women (hence their shiny, healthy hair) and works wonders on softening sun-kissed locks. It starts with a head, neck, and shoulder massage, followed by a homemade mask that is left on the scalp for 30 minutes under a steamer, followed by even more massaging and conditioning. It’s sheer budget bliss that we highly recommend.

Bali – Bali Treehouse Hotel

If you’re wondering where to stay during your trip to Bali, you can certainly memorable your stay by booking nights in the treehouse hotel. The hotel represents little treehouse huts scattered all around the island, surrounded by nature. You will climb stairs all the way to the top of the three where your house will be located and many people share that exactly this hotel made their stay unforgettable.

Bali – Trip to Nusa Penida

When it comes to islands, Indonesia represents over 17,000 islands for you to explore. Nusa Penida is just a 30-min ferry ride away from Bali and is one of the most beautiful islands in Indonesia. The natural paradise you will encounter is definitely worth spending a day on a trip to the island. Thousands of breathtaking viewpoints to enjoy and some local services offer diving and snorkeling as well. ferry tickets to Nusa Penida are bookable only for the lowest price possible

Bali – Bali Zoo

Bali Zoo is located in the Gianyar Regency where you can check out some of the Exotic Southeast Asian Animals. The zoo is made for open-air enclosures rather than cages where the views are spectacular. Some of the animals include elephants, tigers, rhinoceros, and a wide range of colorful birds to explore. The Bali Zoo is frequently visited by families with children.