A Beach com Archaeological site becomes everyone’s favourite in Aiya Napa


Aiya Napa is exactly located on the southeast coast of Cyprus, the land is known for exotic beaches. Beach Makronissos is a famous one in the list which is preferred for beaching and archaeological visits. Snacks and beers are available and people can have whatever they prefer. The fascinating archaeological site comprises of artefacts and ancient monuments that can be related to its history. Majestic buildings located nearby offer rentals for tourists to comfort their stay nearby this spot. 

Trending tourism makes you learn something adventurous in every trip

Ayia napa

The pretty nature has evidence even underwater which is confirmed in Cyprus, Aiya Napa. Discover Scuba Diving, Cyprus makes everyone spending time nearby sea animals. Colourful coral reefs, adorable fish school and prey searching crabs are some of the common aspects that you can visualize in the underwater. A Personal guide is allotted for every diver; therefore managing the oxygen cylinder capacity becomes easier now.Tourists get more offers in the home type apartments nearer to the spot which is a piece of good news to all.

Cyprus Island has transparent blue-green watered beach, which is found closer to the tourist resorts!

The congested coral reefs found underneath the blue-green water of the beach remain visible to the naked eye. Cape Greco’s natural scenic beauty gets auto-recommendation among the tourists who belong to various parts of the world. Another chapter of attraction of Cape Greco is its National Forest Park, the place of world’s rare floral species and aged trees. The holiday villas around this adorable spot invite its guests with flavored offers to emboss it as all-time favorite vacation spot.

Thumbs Up! Satellite Casino, Ayia Napa is on the way to open for summer holidays!

The world is going crazy on impressing people in finding the ways beyond the expectations that arose normally. Here comes the massive expansion of Ayia Napa to launch a new Satellite Casino in Cyprus, which is expected to be facilitated for this summer holidays. Tourists visiting Cyprus has reached the next level of expectations with this launch. Integrated Casino Resorts Cyprus Ltd Consortium has decided to offer 30-year time frame to this casino, which is the dream project of the license holder, let his dream amaze the casino lovers’ world of dream.   

Aiya Napa’s beach comes under top 10 Instagrammed beaches!

Ayia napa

The place is a true paradise beach destination in Spain withholding all fascinating features that attract tourist population more. If something blocks your mind to work further, just drop your pen and come to Aiya Napa. Nissi beach in Aiya Napa is otherwise known as the ‘blue-green sea’ where you would find something interesting as the water lacks its usual color here. Beach Nissi, comes under top 10 Instagrammed beach destinations in Aiya Napa. It looks like an artist’s outstanding imagination to color blue-green instead of sea blue for
water. Tourists spot it out and visit it without fail to adore the elegance of the coral rocks that gets wet by the waves often.

WaterWorld Water park in Ayia Napa

water park

WaterWorld Water park in Ayia Napa is one of the family friendly attractions. It is an ancient Greek themed water park with many slides and rides along with fun activities for whole family.This water park is one of the biggest of its kind in Europe. Every year thousands of visitors come here to enjoy the water games. The park also received multiple awards for its quality and standard.You can spend whole day with your family here without getting bored.It is located in Macronissos area of Ayia Napa, which is close to Ayia Napa marina.You can reach the park by bus and taxi. One of the must see places in Ayia Napa.

Ayia Napa sculpture park

sculpture park

Ayia Napa sculpture park is a beautiful tourist attraction with stunning sculptures.This park is opened in the year 2014 and since then it is attracting thousands of visitors every year. The park is located in a great location which is near to the sea.The park is created to showcase gorgeous sculptures in different categories. Along with sculptures one can enjoy the stunning sea views from the park. The art works displayed here are created by various artists from around the world.This is a different kind of attraction in Ayia napa and it is growing in popularity every year.

Ayia Thekla Beach

Ayia Thekla

Ayia Thekla Beach is one of the beautiful beaches near Ayia Napa. It is located 6 miles from the Ayia Napa Centre. This sandy beach is 300 meters wide and have crystal clear waters which are always calm. It is a stunning coastal strip awarded blue flag for its cleanliness.Activities like walking, kite surfing, para gliding and jogging are always happen near the beach.A beach bar is nearby and a small weekly market gather near the beach as well. Overall nice and calm beach best for relaxing and sun bathing.A good number of holiday villas are available nearby to rent and enjoy the beach atmosphere.

Nissi Beach Ayia Napa


The beaches of Cyprus are the most important attraction of the region. Each year these draw thousands of tourists who visit the vicinity and also you too might actually have a nice time while you’re on a holiday to the island. Nissi beach is a famous beach resort on the east coast of Cyprus, simply 2 miles from the lively resort of Ayia Napa. Nissi beach has some of the pleasant beaches in Cyprus and may be very popular with families and those looking for a quieter resort than Ayia Napa. The maximum popular beach here is Nissi beach, a long expanse of beautiful white sand, sheltered by means of Nissi Island. After a protracted night parting in Ayia Napa revellers visit the beach right here for a great day of rest and restoration!. There are masses of watersports on offer here, which includes scuba diving, snorkelling, jet skiing, windsurfing and paragliding. For novices there are several diving centres in Nissi beach where you may take classes before experiencing a dive within the beautiful clean waters of the beach. Nissi beach is quite a silent area this is placed in the location. Nissi beach is quite close to the harbor. It has suitable restaurants, water sports activities and pubs for the tourists. all of the beaches in Cyprus, Nissi beach is an excellent for families as they’ve mild shelving and calm safe waters. Nissi beach has its very own nightlife and restaurants however for the most popular, lively clubs and more traditional restaurants, a journey to Ayia Napa is a need to.

Ayia Napa, Nissi Beach and Sunshine!

The Cyprus coastline is filled with spectacular beaches and inland you will discover the most awesome mountain peaks and scent of the flourishing lemon groves and massive vineyards. Tourists and guests equally prepared to experience genuine welcome on this special island of Cyprus with its variety of cultural exposures and the most excellent natural scenery. Beautiful beaches are spread along the Cyprus shoreline and in the insides you will discover views of stunning high peaks, wealthy lemon groves and green vineyards. Nightlife here can suit all choices and all age groups. You can choose among a lot of dining places sprinkled all through the island, many of that is performed classic music combined with folk dances. You can also find discos and night clubs too.

Nissi Beach, Ayia Napa
Nissi Beach, Ayia Napa

One of the most desired beach here is Nissi Beach, a very long expanse of lovely white sand, secured by Nissi Island.There are many watersports being offered here , such as snorkelling , jet skiing, scuba diving, windsurfing and paragliding. All of the beaches in Nissi Bay are best for families since they have mild shelving and relaxed risk-free waters. Nissi Bay features its own nightlife and restaurants but for the best known, lively clubs and more customary restaurants, a visit to Ayia Napa is crucial.

Most of the Aiya Napa rentals are primarily found in private areas and near the well-known Nissi beach. The Nissi beach is usually very beautiful which is perfect for people who appreciate water sports. The holiday villas in Ayia Napa are actually in an ideal scenario near to the crystal azure seas, golf, hotels, spas, along with various traditional places such as castles and museums. You could potentially even socialize with the local people and grasp a few of the local language and their traditions.