Simple & Best way of sightseeing in Albufeira-Take a ride in Open Top Buses in Albufeira

Open Top Bus-Albufeira
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Albufeira, the beautiful region in of Algarve, Portugal is definitely a good holiday destination with packed attractions and luxury holiday villas that shall let you enjoy your holiday in Albufeira with family and friends. One best and simple way to explore and transport in Albufeira is hopping in the famous ‘Open top bus’ in Albufeira, which runs through most of the main attractions in this coastal town and provides audio comment in 8 languages(to facilitate the tourists to Albufeira). The Open top buses come around every hour and the complete trip around Albufeira these buses takes 90 minute without stepping down anywhere. You can enjoy sightseeing the beaches, churches, restaurants, old towns of Albufeira and you can get down anywhere you wish and spend time in the destination. But, to take another ride in Open top bus you need to wait an hour from the moment you get down anywhere in Open top bus’ path in Albufeira.

Praia do Vale de Centeanes beach in Algarve-Accessible beach for tourists from both Algarve and Albufeira

Algarve, the amazing southern region of Portugal is packed with amazing coastline, beautiful destinations and spectacular holiday villas, which altogether let you enjoy a great holidaying in Algarve with your family and friends. Algarve region consists handful of good beaches to visit and enjoy & one such beautiful beach to visit is Praia do Vale de Centeanes beach located in Carvoeira, a coastal town in Algarve. You can reach Praia do Vale de Centeanes beach by travelling 32 kilometres towards east from Lagos, a main town in western Algarve and by travelling 62 kilometres towards west from Faro(Algarve’s capital) and if you’re in Albufeira of Algarve, you can reach Praia do Vale de Centeanes beach by travelling 30 kilometres. Praia do Vale de Centeanes beach is one of the finest beach with crystalline waters, sandy beach surrounded by mountain cliffs which appeal like they merge with sea in the end. You’ve good parking and tourists’ facilities available near Praia do Vale de Centeanes beach and the wooden path which leads to beach from parking will blow your mind while you step towards the beautiful Praia do Vale de Centeanes in Algarve. Definitely a good choice of beach for people who holiday with family, kids and also friends, as couples while holidaying either in Albufeira (or) in Algarve.

Visit Igreja Matriz de Albufeira-A 18th century beauty in Albufeira

Alufeira of Algarve in Portugal have many churches but few of them are beautiful and iconic, which you can’t miss when you’re holidaying in Albufeira with family and friends. One such beautiful church in Albufeira which is located just 3 kilometres away from Albufeira town’s centre is the popular Igreja Matriz de Albufeira, a parish church that belongs to late 18th century. Igreja Matriz de Albufeira church is the best example of amazing Neoclassical architecture in Albufeira and also almost across entire Europe & thus, the external and internal picturesque beauty is the cause of Igreja Matriz de Albufeira’s popularity today. When you’re in Albufeira, do visit Igreja Matriz de Albufeira, which is always a ‘best way’ to kick start your holiday in Albufeira.

Praia do Inatel beach in Albufeira-‘Blue flagged’ beauty in Albufeira

Albufeira, the natural resort town in southern Portugal(a part of Algarve region), welcome tourists throughout the year with the beautiful attractions and spectacular holiday villas, beachfront villas in Albufeira that let you enjoy great holidaying with family and friends. There are many beautiful beaches located on Albufeira’s coastline and one beautiful beach you can definitely visit while holidaying in Albufeira is the Praia do Inatel beach, a beach located just 2 kilometres to the east of Albufeira’s main city centre. Praia do Inatel beach looks beautiful with crystalline & calm waters, golden sandy shore that stretch comfortably and also takes to popular beach of Albufeira called Praia dos Pescadores by a 10 minutes walk from there. The name ‘Praia do Inatel’ origins from the amazing seafront ‘Inatel Albufeira Hotel’ located in front of the beach, where you must definitely take a sip of coffee or lunch with delicious cuisines accompanied by exqusite beachfront views. Praia do Inatel beach is one of the prestigious ‘blue flagged’ beach in Albufeira and you can see that from amazing chain of restaurants, cafés, beach bars, lifeguard services, toilets, showers, shops to rent umbrellas & sun loungers available at the promenade of Praia do Inatel beach in Albufeira.

Scuba diving in Albufeira-One of the best holidaying activity in Albufeira

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Albufeira, the beautiful coastal city, which is a part in beautiful Algarve region in Portugal drives people from various parts to enjoy a spectacular holidaying in Albufeira with family and friends. You can find many beautiful holiday rentals such as holiday villas, holiday resorts, beachfront villas with private swimming pools and beachfront villas with private beach areas in Albuferia, which enhances your ‘Albufeira holiday’ to greater extent. One of the best holidaying activity you must enjoy and it’s also done with all safety measures when you’re in Albufeira is the Scuba diving. Albufeira’s underwater have many gems to explore and look at, whereas you can also find many local touring agencies that takes you for scuba diving in Albufeira’s best spots, coastlines with all safety measures, equipment and friendly guidance irrespective of your level as ‘diver’. You can find the touring agencies for scuba diving in Albufeira via Internet (or) through the management of holiday villas you’re staying in Albufeira.

Never miss to hop in a boat party, when you’re in Albufeira

Albufeira the coastal town in Algarve(South Portugal) is a natural resort town, which attracts tourists from various parts across the world and especially from United Kingdom to the Portugal in Europe to enjoy great holidaying with family & friends. One of the fantastic holidaying activity you shall involve you and your family & friends is the amazing & organized boat trips in Albufeira. Boat trips in Albufeira is organized by many touring agencies in Albufeira and you shall choose and book them in Internet (or) the simplest way is to ask the management of the holiday villas you’re staying, since they’re locals of Albufeira they can help you very easily to choose the right ‘boat trip’ for you in Albufeira waters. Boat parties in Albufeira included sunset party with BBQ buffet, bar, musical DJs and illuminating lights from evening to night. You can also find basic amenities like toilets, showers and shades to rest in your boats. They assure you complete safety during the entire partying and sailing time, because, these touring agencies are directly monitored by Govt and need to follow guidelines to ensure the safety of tourists who visits Albufeira.

Kayaking in Albufeira-Safe and enjoyable activity during your ‘Albufeira holiday’!

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Albufeira, the beautiful part of Algarve in southern Portugal is absolutely a great holidaying destination with sizzling attractions and amazing holiday villas to enjoy extremely good ‘Albufeira holiday’ with your family and friends. One of the beautiful activity you can do in Albufeira waters is Kayaking, which you’ll be guided by proper lifeguard services. No matter you haven’t try Kayaking before, but you can try it in Albufeira and capture the excitement. Albufeira’s coastline consists of caves, coves, bays and forms an amazing coastline getting interconnected and make the coastline look picturesque and dramatic. There are many touring agencies available in Albufeira to get yourselves enrolled into organized Kayaking tours in Albufeira. You can seek the help of the holiday villas in Albuferia to choose the right touring agency to undertake your Kayaking in Albufeira.

Praia do Carvalho beach-Don’t miss this beauty if you’re in Algarve / Albufeira

Algarve, the amazing holidaying destination covering the southern Portugal majestically marks an highest rank in ‘World of tourism’ with the alluring attractions and the amazing holiday rentals such as holiday villas, resorts, beachfront villas with sophisticated services in Algarve region. You can find beautiful beaches on both the western and eastern part of Algarve and one such beautiful beach in western Algarve is the Praia do Carvalho beach located in a natural resort town called Carvoeiro. You can reach the Carvoeiro town by traveling 30 kilometres towards eastern coastline from the Lagos, a main city in western Algarve. Whereas you can reach Carvoeiro by traveling 35 kilometres from Albufeira, a most popular natural resort town in Algarve with separate attractions and own beauty. Praia do Carvalho beach in western Algarve is considered one of the most beautiful and exotic but small beach to visit and spend a good beach day with family and friends. Though the Praia do Carvalho beach is small it looks beautiful with turquoise crystalline water and golden sandy shore surrounded by yellowish rock cliffs with a touch of green flora presence. The most exciting part which makes Praia do Carvalho beach in western Algarve a special one is the entry to the beach: you need to park your car at the top of rock cliffs and have to walk the stairway inside the tunnels to reach the Praia do Carvalho beach under it. Don’t miss this exciting experience if you’re anywhere near Lagos (or) Albufeira when you’re in holidaying in southern Portugal.

Marina de Albufeira in Albufeira-Massive marina in Albufeira

Albufeira, the amazing natural resort town located in Portugal’s south & also a graceful part of Algarve region, welcome tourists from various parts across the world. You can find beautiful attractions and spectacular holiday villas, beachfront villas in Albufeira with extra-ordinary qualities. One of the colorful and vibrant destination to look out and spend time in Albufeira is the ‘Marina de Albufeira’ located near Old Town Albufeira. Marina de Albufeira is highly appreciated as one of the best marinas in entire Portugal and it was constructed during the year 2009. From Albufeira’s main city centre, you can reach Marina de Albufeira by traveling just 5 kilometres in west and following the signboards. Marina de Albufeira looks so colorful and majestic with 475 moorings, 3 tourist villages, a Naval club, multi cuisine restaurants, shops, cafés, bars and many holiday apartments, holiday villas with picturesque views. Marina de Albufeira also have entertainment facts that are family-friendly such as bowling, indoor karting and many centres for leisure & recreation during your holidaying in Albufeira. Do visit Marina de Albufeira , as it’s definitely an worthy visit in Albufeira.

Alte in Albufeira-Charming 13th century village in Albufeira

Albufeira, the beautiful coastal town which is a part of the beautiful Algarve in southern Portugal welcome tourists throughout the year because of both the natural and man-made beauty it consists. Albufeira have picturesque attractions which at the same time have rich history and one such beautiful Albufeira village you shall visit when you’re holidaying in Albufeira is the ‘most typical’ Algarvean village you’ll find in the southern Portugal. You can reach the Alte village by traveling 22 kilomteres towards north from main city centre of Albufeira. Alte is a small village with neatly built houses, surrounded by verdurous mountains and a waterfall outside the Alte called the Vigário waterfall. There is a chapel and an old water mill inside Alte village which dates back to 13th century and thus, it’s no doubt that Alte is a historically valued destination to definitely visit in Albufeira. You can also find gifts & handicrafts shops, restaurants, cafés functioning in and around the Alte village in Albufeira. You can reach Alte village by traveling nearly 55 kilometres towards north west from Faro, Algarve’s capital if you’re holidaying near Algarve and interested to visit typical, old Algarvean village. The Alte village is one of the best ‘family day out’ to visit, enjoy, admire and click pictures when you’re in Albufeira.