Castle of Lagos in Algarve-Oldest castle with picturesque views in western Algarve

Algarve, the most alluring coastal region which have evolved into the favorite holidaying destination in Portugal to the people from various nations across the world & especially to the people of Europe and United Kingdom. The amazing attractions and the extra-ordinary holiday villas in Algarve have been the ‘forever’ reason for people to love ‘Algarve holiday’. When you’re in western Algarve, you have so much to admire and enjoy in the popular town called Lagos, Algarve and one such destination is the Castle of Lagos located in the heart of Lagos town in Portugal. In Lagos town of Algarve, you can spot the walls of Castle of Lagos almost everywhere surrounding the entire town of Lagos, a main form of defense during olden times. According to the archaeological traces found, the Castle of Lagos is found to be built between the late 15th and early 16th century in Algarve. You can take guided tours from the entrance of Castle of Lagos to make the visit more interesting and do click pictures, as it’s one of the picturesque destination of Lagos in Algarve. If you wish to experience the beautiful ancient and antique side of western Algarve, then definitely visit this amazing medieval castle in Lagos, western coastal region of Algarve.