Canal d’Amour beach in Corfu-Swim with your spouse in ‘Channel of love’ in Corfu

Corfu, the beautiful island in Greece possess attractions that are beautiful to visit and admire and also amazing holiday villas that let you stay and enjoy holiday with privacy in Corfu island with your family and friends. One beautiful beach for people who loves adventure, appreciates nature’s dominance to visit in Corfu is the Canal d’Amour beach located in the north-most west coastline of Corfu island. You can reach the Canal d’Amour beach located in Sidari, a coastal village of Corfu by travelling nealry 38 kilometres from Corfu town(Corfu’s capital). Canal d’Amour beach looks beautiful, unique with large & long rock cliffs that forms a rectangular creek with the turquoise crystalline waters; almost of the Canal d’Amour beach & creek appears with these sand-colored walls (or) rock cliffs. The entrance to Canal d’Amour beach’s creek is a tunnel and it appeals more beautiful & romantic to couples who visits the beach and hence popularly called as ‘Channel of love’. When the water is calm you can swim through tunnel and enjoy some swimming in Canal d’Amour beach and there’s a myth that, ‘the couples who swim together in Channel of love will remain together, forever’. Do visit the Canal d’Amour beach with your partner, spouse to make your ‘beach day’ more romantic in Corfu.