Call it ‘Wat Pariwat temple’ or ‘David Beckham temple’, but do visit this beautiful temple in Bangkok

Bangkok, sizzling capital of Thailand have alluring attractions and spectacular holiday villas that will make you comfortable and enjoy a great holidaying in Bangkok with family and friends. If you’re either an authentic football fan (or) a fan of David Beckham (or) a fan of Manchester United FC (or) interested in visiting traditional & cultural, architectural rich temples in Bangkok; if your answer to anyone of the options is ‘Yes’, then you must definitely head to Wat Pariwat temple, a unique Buddhist temple located 12 kilometres away from Bangkok’s city centre. If you ask us “Why visit a temple for being a fan of football (or) David Beckham (or) Manchester United FC?”, then you’ll be amazed to find that, there is a golden statue of David Beckham inside the temple. The golden statue of David Beckham was built during the year 1998 to honor his contribution to Football World Cup, since the head monk of Wat Pariwat temple was a fan of Manchester United FC. People of Bangkok fondly call Wat Pariwat as ‘David Beckham temple’. You can also find carvings with some good details of famous fictional & real life characters such as Captain America, Winnie the pooh, Dobby the Elf(Harry Potter film), and Obama taking a selfie and many hidden references with brilliant works. You can also admire the amazing Thai architecture of Wat Pariwat temple when you visit it in Bangkok.