Beautiful medieval attraction in Rhodes-Agios Fanourios(St. Fanourios) chapel in Rhodes

Rhodes, the Greek island have many beautiful attracting destinations whereas you can also find amazing holiday villas and holiday resorts in Rhodes, which makes you to enjoy a perfect holidaying in Rhodes island with your family, kids and friends. One of the subtle beauty you’ll notice in Rhodes island is the destinations, churches & old town with medieval and ancient influence that tell the rich, cultural history of Rhodes. One such historically rich attraction which is located just 5 kilometres away and north from the Rhodes’ main city is the Church Agios Fanourios (a.k.a) St. Fanourios. The streets in which Church Agios Fanourios(St. Fanourios) is located, the appearance of the church, the interior architecture and everything your eyes see and heart feel will have a beautiful connection to medieval times of the Rhodes island in a gentle way. According to the archaeological found, Agios Fanourios(St. Fanourios) chapel belongs to 13th century and you’ll feel it definitely while you enter inside the chapel. If you want to feel the rich medieval history and picturesque ‘old town’ ambience in Rhodes island, then Church Agios Fanourios(St. Fanourios) is one of the best and easy access destination in Rhodes.