A plankton-eating mammal did not bother about the swimmer floating within inches!

Malaga bay is a well-renowned tourist spot; especially the swimmers prefer this vast coast for stretch-outs and roll-outs. The shark is estimated to be 20ft long but the man shows dare to swim nearer to the approaching animal. The Southern Spain water’s mouth has more than two of it almost in similar sizes that are witnessed within weeks before. The animal bothers no man but is linked to a larger amount of deep-sea plankton. Malaga bay adds up curiosity among the tourist population who visit the spot on a regular basis now.

The day to resume foreign tourism is getting closer in Menorca!


It sounds better that the Council of Menorca wants its foreign tourist population in the land from the middle of June this year. Menorca has a lot of interesting things to do once it attains new-normality sooner. Kayaking, Catamaran rides, Steamboat sailing and private boating would get operated in this safest destination from the last week of June with minimal operations. Break the locks and explore Menorca to reset tourists’ minds to resume their positive past.

Aiya Napa’s beach comes under top 10 Instagrammed beaches!

Ayia napa

The place is a true paradise beach destination in Spain withholding all fascinating features that attract tourist population more. If something blocks your mind to work further, just drop your pen and come to Aiya Napa. Nissi beach in Aiya Napa is otherwise known as the ‘blue-green sea’ where you would find something interesting as the water lacks its usual color here. Beach Nissi, comes under top 10 Instagrammed beach destinations in Aiya Napa. It looks like an artist’s outstanding imagination to color blue-green instead of sea blue for
water. Tourists spot it out and visit it without fail to adore the elegance of the coral rocks that gets wet by the waves often.

Incredible views of the Island from coast to coast in Pico Ruivo, Madeira Island

No one denies visiting the highest peak of Madeira Island, the Pico Ruivo with a condition to reach it only in foot. Beyond the serious uncertainties of the unexpected weather change, tourists fell for its adorable top views. The peak is about 1800 meters high, which can be reached by the strenuous hike along Pico do Arieiro with little drag along the pathway. Local bars and eateries decorate your presence in the spot after you get engaged with the dancing mist over the mountain heads.

Visit the lava fields in Camel rides in Lanzarote!


Wild and rugged lava fields of Timanfaya National Park make worldwide tourist visits much more. You are given a dare option to walk around the volcanic roads beyond the common bus tour at this place. Hikers dig out adventures in trips, the underground heat and pouring water of the hot land make sense of it. If luck is on your side, you might be treated with any volcanic eruption scene on live at its beginning stage. Camels never step forward beyond the owner but you can if you would like to view the scenic erupted mountain views in deep.

Tides cover-up on both the sides of the shores in Prasonisi, Rhodes


Prasonisi, the two-sided coastal land lies at the far south of Rhodes. The land grabs vast tourist attentions for its incredible favoring waves on both the sides of the shores. It is a renowned summer spot for the people who prefer sitting in the middle surrounded by water on both the sides enjoying the gradual sea breezing around. The shallow water of the beach is impressed by several less experienced sports athletes who practice windsurfing. Just walk for a while, to visit the exact beach location on the roads of rock and sand.

Raising hopes for summer holidays in Tenerife


Raising hopes for summer holidays in Tenerife under lockdown rules Tenerife- the land of natural blush make tourists get rejoiced and attain options to taste the traditional Spanish food items. For the past three months, even the crow failed to fly across the Tenerife beaches and now the time has come for usual tourist rejuvenation. The land is getting out of the hold of Covid-19 slowly and shows static death rates for the past week thus the Tenerife’s Sur Airport is planned to be opened with all health and safety regulations to invite all the international tourists to the land with hope.

Local commerce attains normalcy- A supporting campaign for Benalmadena bars and restaurants


The Councillor of Commerce in Benalmadena has put a torch on the owners who are willing to reopen their bars and restaurants within the plan to de-escalate the State of Alarm.People those who get scared of pandemic need not visit these shops instead get guaranteed services from it to anywhere in the city. The councillor Javier Marin, further adds that a set of restaurants comes under this list would perform food services to remote apartments and villas too under municipal advice. Benalmadena seems to be bringing back normalcy in this way to revert its tourism population very sooner.

St Kentigern- ‘The Blob’- The bird never flew from Glasgow!

Buchanan street Glasgow

A hollow sculpture of about 10ft height seems to be sitting outside the House of Fraser from 1977 until 2000 in Buchanan Street, Glasgow. This resin made public art makes several minds ponder about its existence in the middle of the street thus the baffled locals dubbed it as ‘The Blob’. Still, this incompatible sculpture had become the landmark for many local street shoppers. The busy Buchanan Street throws many night light events in the restaurants around and especially on holiday times. There arose a common thought that tourist crowd might not prefer this meaningless blog in the street thus the blob is kept in storage then later 2000.

A new Casino gets sprouted in the Canary Islands, Fuerteventura!

After the grand casino Antigua belong to the Canary, here comes the chance for a successful business tuner to build the second casino on the island. This new casino company would get the license to construct bars, cafeterias, restaurants, theatre, cinemas, concerts, swimming pool, gyms along with a hotel consisting minimum of four stars. Fuerteventura, the land of adorable day-out spots now going to spread out a new wing thus one more tourist attraction is going to get added in the things to do list of Spain tourism.