Amazing Alcaicería in Granada-Must visit old century market in Granada

Granada, the beautiful city of Andalusia, Spain which is set in the foothills of Sierra Nevada is definitely a romantic holiday destination to visit and enjoy in Spain. One of the interesting destination in Granada to visit is The Alcaicería, a famous market and a great bazaar of Granada which originated from Granada’s Arab-Islamic era around 13th-15th centuries which was later then destroyed by fire during early mid 19th century and re-built using Neo-Moorish style. The Alcaicería, the Great Bazaar of Granada was the street filled with stalls selling spices, Arabic silks and many other precious goods which are considered interesting, costly and exotic during past centuries. At present times, you can see Alcaicería in Granada with touch of ‘old town’ that highlights local culture and tradition of Granada and home to traditional souvenir stalls, a great stream of Arabic craftworks such as hand painted ceramics(fajalauza), wooden made decorative products and also essential products, stained glass lamps(typical Granadino farolas), ethnic clothing stalls, tea rooms called tettarias and also many stalls for herbs, fruits, and grandino trinkets. From Granada’s city centre you can reach the Alcaicería by travelling nearly 7-8 kilometre of distance. Being, everything set in a single passageway, the Alcaicería look & feel traditional, picturesque and also lively with locals and tourists’ of Granada.