Prior Park Landscape Garden in Bath city-Beautiful destination to visit in Bath

Bath, the beautiful city in England with a classic touch all over the city and also have amazing attractions & holiday villas to enjoy holidays in Bath with friends and family. There are many scenic attractions in Bath city and one such pleasant destination you shall visit to, when you’re in Bath city is the Prior Park Landscape Garden, located in Prior Park of Bath. From the centre of Bath city, you can reach the Prior Park Landscape Garden by travelling 1.5 miles towards the south following the directions. There are many historically rich spots found inside Prior Park Landscape Garden, since it belongs to 18th century and set beautifully over a small steep valley which overlooks the Bath city, whereas some the traces shows that the area of Prior Park Landscape Garden was deer park of Bath city during 12th century. You’ll be amazed by the beautiful bridge built using the Palladian architecture, a gravel cabinet, the ice house, three pools, lodge, Gothic temple and a serpentine lake inside the Prior Park Landscape Garden in Bath. You can reach the popular Bath Skyline from Prior Park Landscape Garden by walking just few minutes. Do visit Prior Park Landscape Garden, which is one of the ‘must-visit’ and picturesque destination in Bath.

Carmo Convent in Lisbon-Beautiful medieval attraction in Lisbon

Carmo Convent-Lisbon
Carmo Convent, Lisbon

Lisbon, Portugal’s beautiful capital have so many attractions and amazing holiday villas with great services, which let you enjoy a spectacular holidaying with your family and friends in Lisbon. One beautiful medieval attraction and iconic destination of Lisbon, which you must visit when you’re holidaying in Lisbon is the popular Carmo Convent, a church/a convent or a monastery in Lisbon. You can reach the Carmo Convent by travelling nearly 3 kilometres from Lisbon’s main city centre. Based on the archaeological evidences found, the Carmo Convent(also called as ‘Convent of Our Lady of Mount Carmel’) was built during the year 1389 and was ruined by major earthquake in the year 1755. By restoring the damaged and ruined parts, the Convent of Our Lady of Mount Carmel we see today was re-built during early 19th century. Do visit Convent of Our Lady of Mount Carmel when you’re in Lisbon, since you’ll get in touch with the amazing ancient architectures, medieval richness of Portugal’s Lisbon.

La Torre Cerniola in Amalfi Coast-Beautiful seafront destination in Amalfi

Amalfi Coast of Amalfi, Italy is a beautiful destination which consists picturesque destinations, attractions and blessed coastline with villas & all tourists’ amenties which will make you spend a great holiday in Amalfi Coast with family and friends. One beautiful tourist attraction without which your ‘Amalfi Coast holiday’ is incomplete is the La Torre Cerniola, an amazing viewpoint with spectacular beachfront views and restaurants in Amalfi Coast. You can reach the La Torre Cerniola near Erchie, a coastal town by travelling nealry 13 kilometres towards the east from Amalfi, a main town in Amalfi Coast, Italy. With beautiful pebble beach surrounded by rock cliffs, rock built towers over the cliff which offers best panoramic views, seafront cafés and restaurants, the La Torre Cerniola in Amalfi Coast is such a beautiful destination that shall grace your entire holidays in Amalfi Coast.

Lennon wall in Prague-Make your day colorful in Prague

Prague-Lennon wall
Lennon wall

Prague, Czech Republic’s capital is a beautiful holiday destination with attractions and holiday villas with round the clock services and facilities. Prague city is a classic destination with medieval architectures, buildings and the city itself possess a beautiful ‘Old Town’ look; whereas there are few viewpoints to look in Prague which isn’t Prague’s cup of tea but still preserved in Prague city. One such beautiful and iconic spot in Prague is the popular graffiti wall called the Lennon Wall, also called as John Lennon Wall in Prague. From the main city centre of Prague, you can reach the Lennon Wall by travelling nearly 3.9 kilometres near Vltava (Moldau) river in Prague. The Lennon Wall in Prague is filled with graffiti, the famous Beatles’ song lyrics then and there and more of the works are related to popular English singer John Winston Ono Lennon. Nothing more to watch, but you can definitely get the positivity, take pictures, admire colors, graffiti and cherish it as ‘the colorful moment’ of your holidaying in Prague.

Bali – Snorkelling in Amed

If you are looking for a quiet corner in Bali, which is not discussed by crowds and tourists, Snorkelling in Amed could be an excellent opportunity. This part of the island is relatively off the radar, but you should keep in mind that snorkeling is at your own risk. There are no lifeguards or guides and the reason many people come is that the diving spots are shallow and it is relatively safer than other snorkeling spots in Bali.

Marbella – Beach Walks

Marbella is well-known all over the world with its golden sand beaches and crystal clear waters. Healthy activity in Marbella would be to take a stroll in its extensive beaches. Long walks at the edge of the sea is a common activity for the locals and tourists. Dawn and dusk are perhaps the best moments of the day to take a long relaxing walk, where the warm water contributes to a warm and beautiful experience.

Glasgow – Glasgow Science Centre

Glasgow Science Centre is an immersive building rising from the ground like a shimmering silver hermit crab, it is wonderful inside and out. The giant structure is holding a cinema with a giant IMAX screen, planetarium, galleries, and gift shops. If you haven’t explored the Science Center in Glasgow you are missing out!

Bodrum – Midtown Shopping Center

f you love to wander around crowded markets, the Midtown Shopping Center in Bodrum might be the best place for you. With a lively and energetic environment, you will find yourself surrounded by plenty of world-famous brands. There is also a variety of fast food vendors, souvenirs, and cinema. Regardless of whom you are with, the Midtown Shopping Center is at your disposal 7 days a week.

Costa Dorada – The City of Tarragona

The City of Tarragona is located just about 80 kilometers from Barcelona, founded back in the 2nd century BC by the Romans. In fact, it was the first-ever Roman settlement on Spain’s mainland. The beautiful city is packed with remains full of centuries of history ready for you to explore. You have the opportunity to hire a personal guide that will walk you through all of the hidden secrets.

London – Hampstead Heath

f you want to visit one of the largest parks in London, do not hesitate and head to Hampstead Heath, which is covering more than 790 acres. It is suited to the highest London point, providing breathtaking views and plenty of wildlife and nature sites. Hampstead Heath is an impressive park, perfect to participate in outdoor activities and take a rest from the crowded streets of London.