Alagoa(Praia da Alagoa) in Madeira-Secluded and beautiful beach in Madeira

Madeira, the beautiful island of Portugal is one of the dream holidaying destination to many tourists, travelers across the world and especially for the people of Europe and United Kingdom. You can find many beautiful destinations to visit and amazing holiday villas in Madeira to enjoy a good holidaying with your family and friends in Madeira island. There are many beautiful beaches with dramatic views in Madeira island and one such beautiful beach located in the north-eastern most coastline of Madeira island is the Alagoa(Praia da Alagoa) beach. You can reach the Alagoa(Praia da Alagoa) beach by traveling nearly 33 kilometres towards the north-east coastline from Funchal-Madeira’s capital. Alagoa(Praia da Alagoa) beach is a small beach that looks so beautiful with sea water & black sandy shore overlooked by green lush mountain. You can easily access Alagoa(Praia da Alagoa) beach with good parking and have amenities like solarium, showers, changing rooms, toilets, shops to rent umbrellas & sun loungers, and alluring beachfront views from the restaurants, cafés, beach bars lined at the border of the beach. Alagoa(Praia da Alagoa) beach will definitely make a good ‘beach day’ with less crowd when you holiday in Madeira.

Walk into colorful street in Malaga-Amazing Soho street in Malaga city

Malaga, the beautiful port city located in Spain’s Costa del Sol region is one of the popular holiday city in southern-part of Spain with beautiful destinations and spectacular holiday villas with round the clock services. Malaga have many picturesque destinations that depicts the cultural history and tradition of Malaga city and one easy way to experience it is: visiting the colorful Soho street/region where you can find huge wall paintings on the streets which have merged along with soul of the city. You can reach the Soho street by moving just 2 kilometres from Malaga’s main city centre and you can easily identify it by the look and appearance definitely. Soho street is popular called as ‘the art district’ in Malaga, where the walls, stories, of the building and even the roads are painted beautifully by street artists. In between these colors of the Soho street in Malaga you can also spot the gift shops, cafés, multi-cuisine restaurants, bars to sit back, dine, drink and enjoy your colorful moment in Malaga. Do click many pictures in this beautiful street of colors, as this is such an simple but iconic destination in Malaga.

Akti Miaouli beach in Rhodes City-Most perfect urban beach in Rhodes island

Rhodes beach
Representational image

Rhodes island in Greece is one of the best holidaying destination as it’s acknowledged as one of the natural resort island in Greece that attracts and accommodate thousands of tourists throughout the year. Rhodes island have many beaches whereas few of them are exquisite in all aspects and one among them is the Akti Miaouli beach in the northern-most coastline of Rhodes. Being located just 3 kilometres away from Rhodes City-Capital of Rhodes, the Akti Miaouli in Rhodes have the aspects to enjoy a beach day and at the same time a good beach holiday by accommodating in the beachfront villas with adorable views and round the clock services. Akti Miaouli beach looks so beautiful with turquoise crystalline water and grey pebble shore also being sandy at times. You have plenty of restaurants, hotels, cafés, beach bars, shops to rent umbrellas & sunbeds, and also changing rooms, showers, toilets available at the Akti Miaouli beach in Rhodes; which makes it one of the complete and perfect urban beach in Rhodes city and also in the entire Rhodes island. Since, the Akti Miaouli beach is located very close to the capital of Rhodes island you can find many holiday villas, luxury hotels, resorts, beachfront resorts & beachfront villas near the Akti Miaouli beach in Rhodes.

La Solapa(Playa de La Solapa) in Fuerteventura-Strictly for adventure lovers in Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura, the beautiful and largest Canary island of Spain have lots of attractions to visit and amazing holiday villas & beachfront villas to stay for an enjoyable holiday in Fuerteventura. There are many beautiful beaches in Fuerteventura that gracefully project the presence of volcanic landscapes in the Fuerteventura island and the La Solapa beach(Playa de La Solapa) is one such beach in Fuerteventura with volcanic landscapes and waters together. La Solapa beach(Playa de La Solapa) is located near the Fuerteventura village called Pájara which is located nearly 14 kilometres away in the western region of the island from the main Fuerteventura city. From Pájar village you need to travel nearly 4 kilometres to reach the secluded and tranquil La Solapa beach(Playa de La Solapa) in Fuerteventura. The La Solapa beach(Playa de La Solapa) looks beautiful with un-spoilt natural ambience such as the dark waters, black and gold sandy shore backed with black rocks, cliffs, at various heights and sizes that do form natural pools near the shore and provide some sun shade. Due to the strong winds swimming here must be taken extra attention and care. You won’t have amenities near the beach and you shall find only less crowd at the La Solapa beach(Playa de La Solapa) in Fuerteventura, so, it’s better you backpack your food, water and other necessary things and for cafés, restaurants you need to drive to Pájara village. La Solapa beach(Playa de La Solapa) in Fuerteventura is strictly for adventure lovers, adults and people who need to escape crowd and real-world for a while. La Solapa beach(Playa de La Solapa) in Fuerteventura is one of the naturist/nudist beach due to it’s location and atmosphere. If you need to escape reality and regular beach day then head to La Solapa beach(Playa de La Solapa) in Fuerteventura.

Rosslyn Chapel in Edinburgh-Picturesque 15th century chapel in Edinburgh

Rosslyn Chapel

Edinburgh, the beautiful capital of Scotland have many beautiful locations to visit and also have best holiday villas with round the clock services and well-provided ameneties which makes people to enjoy a great holidaying in the royal and beautiful Edinburgh city. One of the beautiful, historical site and popular chapel to visit in Edinburgh is the Rosslyn Chapel located in a Scotland’s village called ‘Roslin’ which is located 7 miles away from Edinburgh’s city centre. The Rosslyn Chapel belong to the mid 15th century and was set built beautifully on a small hill at the Roslin village in Edinburgh. You can feel the richness and the antiqueness of the Rosslyn Chapel; both at the same time when you visit & adore the ancient architectures, wall paintings, sculptures, beautiful pillars here. You shall take guided tours available at the entrance to admire and gain knowledge about the Rosslyn Chapel in Edinburgh. Do take pictures in Rosslyn Chapel which will definitely remain as one of the best, picturesque destination you visited during your holidaying in Edinburgh.

Traditional Thai massage in Phuket-Best way to relax your soul during Phuket holiday

Phuket island, the beautiful holidaying destination with rich cultural vibes and the fun vibes at the same time consists amazing destinations and hosts people who visit Phuket with the good hospitality by the amazing holiday villas, beachfront villas in Phuket. When you decide to fly to Phuket, do choose the villas in Phuket which shall ensure you a enjoyable holiday with privacy. One of the best known traditional and popular activity for adults in Thailand is taking a traditional Thai Spa massage when you’re holidaying in any Thai destinations. And you must know that, Phuket is an superlative destination in implementing therapies along with the spa & massage techniques to make the visitors/tourists to feel refreshing and utmost relaxation. The Thai massage in Phuket includes therapies which are naturally good to both the body, soul and also adds Indian Ayurvedic principles which you’ll find extremely refreshing. Most of the holiday villas in Phuket consists of massage parlours where the services are really likable and good, at the same time you can find good massage parlours nearby the beaches in Phuket and also in streets of cities in Phuket. Taking a Thai massage in Phuket will definitely relax your body and mind which is the main reason that we fly to enjoy our holidays in places like Phuket.

Popular Kalacha beach in Goa-Get the perfect Goa vibes

Goa, the beautiful and natural resort state in India is one of the evergreen holidaying destination in India, Asia with beautiful beaches, destinations and amazing holiday villas, beachfront villas with picturesque views and perfect services. Goa have many beautiful beaches to visit and enjoy a perfect ‘beach day’ and most of them have beautiful beachfront villas which let you enjoy a whole ‘beach holiday’ and the Kalacha beach is definitely one such beach in Goa. Since, Kalacha beach is located in North Goa, you can reach the beach by traveling 45 kilometres towards north from Panaji-Goa’s capital via road. Kalacha beach is known for it’s picturesque views, sweet water lagoon, the new water tidal pond and you can feel the typical bohemian vibes in air of Kalacha beach in Goa. You can also spot rare & beautiful birds near the pond at Kalacha beach in Goa. Don’t miss to enjoy paragliding and hang gliding with proper lifeguard services when you’re in Kalacha beach, since, the beach is very popular for these water sports in Goa. You don’t have to leave after the dusk, since there’ll be beach parties definitely organized at the Kalacha beach which you can enjoy with drinks, lights and music. You can also visit the popular Querim beach from here. Kalacha beach in Goa definitely one of the vibrant beaches to enjoy and experience the perfect goan holiday vibes in Goa.

Don’t miss night stay in Dubai desert-Popular ‘Dubai Desert Safari’ in Dubai

Dubai Safari

Dubai, the luxurious city in UAE is emerging into the best holidaying destination in Middle East with lots of attractions and activities to enjoy with your family & friends, when you spend your holiday in Dubai. The best part of Dubai holiday is you can make your stay at the well-equipped holiday villas in Dubai with round the clock services and your privacy is respected. One of the beautiful activity you must enjoy as a couple, or with your family & kids, or with your friends(Yes! This activity will be enjoyed by all ages!) is the Dubai Desert Safari with camel ride, dune bashing, sandboard, horse ride, quad biking, rich buffet dinner, BBQ dinner in desert, stay in Dubai desert, beautiful performances, romantic lights, music under the night sky in Dubai. There are many touring agencies and organizations that arrange and take you to ‘Dubai Desert Safaris’ and you can pick and book them easily in Internet and also the staffs at the holiday villas or serviced holiday apartments you stay in Dubai could guide you to choose the right package and right agency according to your budget and affordability. Do enroll yourself into a ‘Dubai Desert Safari’ to experience the beauty of Dubai when you’re holidaying in Dubai.

Prague city in Czech Republic-Painting that came ‘alive’ in Central Europe


Prague, the beautiful capital of Czech Republic is considered as one of the biggest medieval painting that became ‘alive and beautiful’. Prague city have alluring & beautiful attractions such as the Vitava river which divides the city romantically, the iconic Old Town Square of Prague city, the medieval architectures, buildings and Gothic churches makes it one of the most loved and visited destination in the Central Europe by many tourists from different parts across the world. When you’re in Prague city you can feel the richness of ‘Old Town’ architectures in the form of streets, buildings, even in cafés and restaurants functioning here and the bridges built across the city is the factor that holds the city’s transport and also it’s beauty together. You have amazing holiday villas, holiday apartments in Prague city to accommodate your family, friends and let you enjoy a great holiday with privacy and happiness in Prague.

Granda city in Spain-Enjoy your holidaying in classic Granada


Granada, a gorgeous city set in the foothills of Sierra Nevada in the popular and beautiful Andalusia region of Spain is one of the most loved and visited destinations in Spain by tourists across the world. People love Granada for the interesting influence of medieval architecture during Moorish times and thus, Granada is fondly called as ‘The Moorish Jewel’ till now. Granada city enjoys a beautiful & warm climate throughout the year by the bright sun over Granada’s sky and the city is surrounded by alluring natural landscapes almost all-over. At the same time you can see the contrasting characteristic such as the presence of historical architectures and modern buildings set next to each other in Granada city of Spain. You have beautiful beach side in Granada and also a touch of ‘old town’ inside the city which you can feel by the cobbled streets and well-built narrow buildings. You must not miss the delicious Andalusian & Spanish cuisine restaurants, cafés and hotels in Granada city and you’ll definitely love when you taste it. Do visit the beautiful tapas bars(only if you’re adult!) spread across the city which is closely related with Granada’s tradition and cultural history. Granada’s Tapas bars is very famous among the Spanish and also among the people from United Kingdom & Europe. In simple, you can definitely enjoy a great holidaying in Granada.